Download some ideas!Download some ideas!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Today’s mental workout will focus on ideas. What ideas pop into your mind, at least the ones you can tell anybody if you know what I mean!!! How do you process your ideas? Do you act on them instantly? Do you act on them at all? Do you just ignore them? Are you waiting for others to act on them for you by magic? Do you find them unrealistic or just too out of this world?

Now reflect back on when you may have had a great idea, but didn’t act on it, then later you saw someone who acted on the same idea and you think back, but wow I thought of that first!!! You may have well thought of it first, that point is debatable, point is someone else acted on it before you. The universe seems to reward those who act. No matter how crazy the idea may first appear to the average human being whatever that means, if you make an attempt to act, nature may reward you. You may fall flat on your face and fail, but at least you know one way it won’t work and most importantly you would have gained valuable experience. They say experience is perhaps the best teacher. So if you really believe in your idea, keep trying many ways to bring it to fruition. What would have happened if Graham Bell gave up on his very first try or maybe his 15th or perhaps his 30th time. The fact remains he didn’t give up, he kept going till his mind showed him the way. History is full of many lessons of true perseverance, unshakable self-belief.

Some are simply born with more drive to succeed than others, but we all of us must find where our passions lie, for there we find the drive. So what ideas do you gravitate towards with the most enthusiasm. So listen to the ideas your mind automatically signals to you, it’s your muse that will bring you the best luck in life. You have the most incredible computer known to mankind in your head, use it right. Anyone can come up with ideas. It's taking action that is critical. Just take in new information every day, grow those neuron connections in your mind.

Take a few minutes, calm yourself as much as possible and begin to filter those ideas throughout your mind. Create a category for doable immediately, 1 year or so, five or 10 years or simply outrageous. Write them all down and see if you can figure out a pattern. Get used to writing these ideas down on paper, the brain will recognize this is important to you and begin immediately formulating a way to transform your ideas into reality. The time for the process of course varies from individual to individual. Some are very adept and this, others need more practice. That’s why we are here. Enjoy your mental workout!