Emotional Energy!!!Emotional Energy!!!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Today’s mental workout for reflection Fridays seeks to stir up those powerful emotions living inside you. You have the power to harness deep emotions, either you find a creative outlet to express them or you merely suppress those feelings. Life becomes bliss when your emotions drive you to the life you desire. You can of course guess the harmful effects of suppressing your emotions, you may end up your own worst enemy as those powerful emotions work against you. If you believe you can’t do something, you probably won’t. Emotional energy plays a critical role in how your life will turn out, whatever emotions govern your subconscious, will ultimately determine the course you take or don’t take. Physical energy is derived from the food you consume; emotional energy comes from the spirit within and your dominant state of mind. Are you inspired or motivated to live the life you desire? Do you believe in the power within to determine your destiny?

Gaining conscious awareness of your emotions can evoke the necessary feelings to deliberately take steps to the life you desire. The laws of the universe exist to make all your dreams come true. It won’t be easy though, there will be challenges along the way that might rob your emotional spirit, but you must overcome the downs every time. You must develop supreme self-awareness to understand that life's ups also come with downs. The key is fully comprehending your body’s chemistry. Plan the steps you should take to lift your spirits whenever you are down. Try listening to your favorite music or performing activities you are most passionate about. You have to reverse the force that’s pulling you down by turning the negative into a positive. Even if you are experiencing grief from the loss of a loved one or heartbreak from a relationship, give yourself time to grief, but understand you must move on. Remember, those that pass away will not want you to wallow in grief, they would rather you celebrate their life. The same goes for heart wrenching break-ups, stay patient, give yourself time to heal and for the emotions to settle, then move on, don’t wallow in self-pity. You have the power to rise up and transcend whatever limitations of the moment you embrace, as you have fallen, so too can you stand up again.

Be truly honest with yourself, listen to what your emotions tell you and why. Harness the power of your emotions to steer you down the path you desire. Don’t live to please other people or hang with those that don’t believe in you or your dreams. Your subconscious can be fragile surrounded by the wrong energy and people. Your emotions trigger your subconscious, replace toxic friends with positive people and don’t even look back. Go with your gut feeling and instinct. Focus your subconscious on things you wish to achieve in life. Give yourself big vision goals in conjunction with short-term ones to aim for, that will stimulate emotional energy to make it happen. Find at least 30 minutes each day to take steps towards your dreams, just that little time alone could make all the difference regardless of how busy or stressed out you are. Whether you want to plan a new business venture, change careers, buy a home or attract the ideal partner, make some time to visualize and strategize. The time you make for yourself planning out your own destiny boosts your spirits incredibly. The right emotions provide purpose, they can shift your entire world. Harness the power of emotional energy to steer you towards the life you deserve. Enjoy your weekend, and as always, make it an emotional mental workout.