Escape from Alcatraz!!!Escape from Alcatraz!!!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Today’s mental workout for Imagination Wednesdays urges you to plan a jailbreak from the prison walls of your mind. You know escape whatever fearful and doubtful negative forces that have held you captive for far too long. It’s time to make a clean break. Start digging that underground mind tunnel to escape forever. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to trade in those grungy walls for some picturesque and scenic views? Think how much more of a quality life you could have without those negative forces holding you back. Life is a beautiful picture in itself. Why confine your mind to the dungeon when you can have the liberty and unrestraint of the great outdoors. Life is for freedom of mind, body and spirit. Escape those bars of the mind, drill right through those mind prison walls. It may seem a daunting challenge at first, too time consuming, but are you really going anywhere anyway. It’s more than worth it to put in the sacrifice and hard work now, the rewards will be infinite. Just break down the huge task into doable chunks and stages. Don’t consider the enormity of the task all at once, that may discourage you, take it step by step and make measurable progress. You will gain confidence each day as you witness yourself moving forward towards your end goal.

It’s about time you escaped from the prison of the mind. After all, you were sentenced for a crime you didn’t commit, like being caught with a sense of humor in Texas. Sense of humor gets off with a warning, you get life. Not the good word ‘life’ that you had when you were born into this amazing universe, but the other kind that serves as a death sentence. The powers-that-be and all the authorities love to trap you in a prison of fear. They know fear cripples you and prevents action. They love to kill your dreams and lock you away in a cell forever. However they can never stop you from dreaming. Dream away! Dream about a world you can escape to. Dream about a world where you call all the shots. A world where you make all the rules and pass all the laws. The first law being you will live this life to the fullest and on terms which you dictate. You have earned the right to this life on Earth through the triumph of your birth. You beat the incredible odds before; and you can do it again. It is your birthright to be free. Escape those ugly uniforms that make you look like everybody else. Escape the conformity of walking the line like so many others. Escape those guards that seek to control and command you at every turn.

Get personally involved in your jail break, don’t leave it to others to save you. It’s time to learn to save yourself. Don’t complain that you don’t have this and that. One may never have all the tools necessary, but you possess the best tool known to mankind, the gift of the human mind. Be creative and imaginative, work with whatever tools you can get your hands on. Convert and transform whatever you have in a way to make it fit your needs. Your ancestors did it, you can too. Human ingenuity is infinite. The question is how badly do you want to escape from the prison walls of your mind. Are you willing to commit to the hard work and sacrifice? Are you hoping for that magical or mystical key from up above? Well, it could come or perhaps not. Take matters into your own control. Get down on your hands and knees and put in the hard work. Put your heart into it. Before long you will be enjoying the fruits of all your hard labor. No more eating that horrible, mundane prison food of the mind, you will have exorbitant choices of rich foods fit for a fat cat politician. Rewards await those who master their destiny. No matter how bad your situation is, never give in to despair. Always be on the lookout for a way out. As long as you are looking, there’s always a way out. Beware of those around you, make sure they are really on your side. Go ahead, escape the state issue slammer of the mind, be your own shot caller in a world of endless opportunities. As always, make it a liberating mental workout.