The Eternal glass!!!The Eternal glass!!!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Today’s mental workout for relaxation Fridays is to consider the eternal glass of life. We are all aware about the proverbial half-empty vs half-full glass. It’s no surprise of course that half-full folks are considered more optimistic than their half-empty counterparts. With that optimism also comes a higher level of life satisfaction and overall happiness. Who wouldn’t want more happiness in this life. After all, striving to be happy ought to be an essential part of life even if it often doesn’t seem that way when you observe certain people’s actions. In fact, quite the contrary, you would actually think some people are going out of their way to be unhappy, giving credence to the phrase that some people are their own worst enemy. Why anybody would want to hinder their own happiness is beyond us. Unfortunately, a critical factor in negative, defeatist or victim mindsets is often just a lack of the right information. It doesn’t matter how good somebody is, if they are operating with the wrong information, it spells trouble.

Seeing your glass as always half-full allows you to focus on that which you do have. Build on your universal strengths and skill sets that you do possess. A half-empty outlook only sets your mind on what you don’t have. Attitude becomes all important. It’s really about expressing universal gratitude for what you have as opposed to what you don’t have. So many people around the world complain that they don’t have this and they don’t have that, however how about a little acknowledgment and appreciation for what you do have. One could always point out somebody in a much worse situation that would give their right or left arm to exchange places with you. The important point to grasp is that you are a human being, you are truly a magnificent creation, you have total control of your thoughts and your destiny, that should always keep your glass half-full.

Optimism is a great trait of the most successful people of all time from Churchill to Gandhi and Franklin to Mandela. These great leaders were all faced with tough circumstances, but they found ways to always keep their glasses filled with optimism and always looked on the bright side. At least when you become committed to always look on the bright side, it keeps your mind away from focusing on the dark side, that’s always a great thing. Negativity robs your body of valuable energy which you could be putting to much better use. All pessimism will do is allow you to construct a house built on fear and anxiety. Your mind will automatically turn every idea into problems and possible obstacles even before you begin. It takes courage to be optimistic. It takes courage to face up to challenges. It takes courage to always see that your glass is half-full. Learn to be self-aware and conscious of your thoughts. Whenever you find yourself down in spirit, clearly understand what activities you enjoy doing that can boost you back up. You should have movies that inspire you, or your most inspirational books, don’t forget the mental workout team of course. Never allow any challenge to break your spirit, learn to grow strength through adversity and setback. Today’s mental workout is to refill your glass with high grade optimism. In spite of all the seemingly worldwide chaos going on nowadays, be a master of your thoughts, be a master of your attitude, be a master of your eternal glass, it's unbreakable. As always, make it a spirited mental workout.