Friday, August 24, 2012

Today’s mental workout for relaxation Fridays is inspired by the great Archimedes, the first man to yell out 'Eureka’ after he solved his problems through relaxing, we also encourage you to take a load off too. As hard as one may feel they have to work, time off to recharge is equally as important. It also provides an opportune moment for reflection. After all, what’s the point of running around all week like a headless chicken trying to complete this and that, if you don’t take time to evaluate the actual results of your actions. It’s via reflection that will yield ideas how to do more with less time. You should consciously ponder the events of the week in a relaxed manner. Reflection allows you to increase your focus, also improving your memory. Time off for relaxation and reflection brings much needed balance to your world. Just because the rest of the world is always in a hurry to get some place, it doesn’t mean you should follow along with them. Stress is something you can control, that’s right, it’s within your power, what good is life if it lacks in quality.

You probably weren’t taught the importance of relaxation in school, in fact they might have told you it was laziness, well it probably is if that’s all you do for a career, but it’s crucial to problem-solving. Releasing pressure on your body allows it to perform at its optimum level. It’s the reason why athletes need to focus on relaxing before engaging in the heat of battle. Force yourself to take a time out from the fast pace of life on a regular basis, at least once a week, take a prolonged bath or shower. Snap up coupons for a spa treatment, you can find them everywhere. Spend half the time just relaxing with no thoughts going through your mind at all, breathing deeply, and then the other half, reflect on how to improve challenges in your life. There’s a reason why many people come up with great ideas in the shower or bath, the water has a soothing, therapeutic effect, the warm atmosphere loosens up muscles and stimulates brain cells. Studies with control groups have also confirmed relaxation improved problem solving skills.

Even the sun takes a complete break, you should too. It goes without question that you should be sleeping well at night. During your relaxation, don’t allow any negative forces to invade your time and space. Stress wastes energy and steals your power. You should free yourself, completely detach from anything that will unsettle you. You need time to yourself, your spirit craves it. Calm your inner body, revitalize and re-energize, your output is only as good as the quality within. Relaxation leads to greater creativity, it opens your mind to more possibilities. You are more likely to create opportunities that you don’t usually come across during the intensity of your regular working day. Gain confidence that you actually control the outcome of your life. Relax, what are you killing yourself for, where are you rushing to? You always say you will relax later when you have enough money, but later never comes. Relax now, get more oxygen to your brain, trust me, it comes in handy. Life moves at a fast speed, slow it down and get time on your side. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all those that continue to subscribe, retweet and share the mental workout, it’s much appreciated. We are taking our end of summer break and will be back in a couple of weeks, until then all the best and reach for the Eureka moment of your life.