Expert inputExpert input

Monday, October 1, 2012

Seek to have a professional group of experts, mentors or business coaches who you can bounce ideas off. Remember to ensure your life goals have a higher likelihood of success, it’s definitely vital that you own your idea completely. You have to be committed enough to withstand objective criticism. Nobody should ever be able to talk you out of anything if you truly believe in it wholeheartedly. So gain the perspective of a new set of eyes. Make sure it’s people who are experts or associated in your targeted niche in some fashion. Even if your ideas are revolutionary, learn to trust in people around you. You are merely seeking objective feedback. Can they offer insight in certain things you may have over-looked. Ask them for an outsider’s opinion, ask for their initial thoughts. At some point, you are going to have to convince others of your plan, whether its venture capital or angel funding sources, perhaps your community bank or just friends and family. It makes sense to practice now with friendly fire before you have to get ready to of course convince the consumer or whoever your end channel is going to be. Understand what your objectives are with the feedback gained, remember not to take anything personal. You will control your own destiny, you will gather pertinent feedback and make your own judgment calls.

What are you an expert in and if not, why?