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Monday, November 5, 2012

As you plot your strategy for the various support groups for feedback, you want to have a well-planned strategy for each group. You should seek to get different types of feedback information. For the professional association, you may want to get feedback as to the overall strength of your strategy. Find out if others have employed the same strategy or targeted the same area. Try and find information as whether they can point you in the right direction to acquire additional resources. Also ask about any insider industry information as to where the market might be headed, find out if there is an under-served niche, any potential areas for growth. Organization of your feedback notes is important. Many people engage in conversations trying to hope to remember all the feedback they receive. However, at this point, trusting your memory bank is not the best option as your emotions are likely too invested already. This is an exciting time for you, you are gathering feedback on something that’s very important to you. Your mind is probably predisposed to take in the positive information, you likely don’t even feel like processing any counter information. This is the time to be most objective, see yourself as simply gathering data to be combined later with other sources of information to make a more informed decision. This is not the time to be emotional, so take a pen and pad and take notes, your associates will appreciate the fact you are actually writing down the feedback notes and will try even harder to really assist you.

Why is gathering feedback a practical process?