Fill out an application!!!Fill out an application!!!

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Today’s mental workout requests you fill out an application to the life of your dreams. Before you start filling out the form, be clear in your mind exactly what you are looking for. It’s hard to get what you truly desire in life if you don’t know precisely what it is. Fill out the form, writing neatly and clearly so your mind can understand what you are communicating. The key factor is that you are filling it out your life's application yourself, don’t allow others to do it for you. Create your own criteria for your life’s application, you don’t have to tick the boxes devised by others. Strive to create your own custom application, it’s actually become quite the trend these days, you know all those software apps that everybody and their grandmas are downloading on their smartphones. You have the power to create your own app; you have a perfect template inside the vault of your mind ready for your input. When you fill the spaces of the application, understand where your passion lies. What are your talents? That’s the beauty of it, you get to figure out the set of criteria that fit best for you, that match your unique skills. You determine the questions for the spaces, then fill them out yourself.

Use the power of imagination to create the spaces for your life’s application. It doesn’t have to follow the same format as every other application. Make yours unique with interesting shapes and sizes. Above all, make your life’s application well-rounded. No more trying to fit your round peg in the square spaces of life like everybody else. You are an amazing super human being, strive to be well-rounded in the ways of the world. Create space for yourself then fill it on your own. Round represents worldliness. Round represents the Sun and the Moon. Round represents versatility and flexibility. Round is that all-important concept, universal. You will keep rolling forward with momentum while the squares get stuck in the same place. Your life’s application is far too important, it’s the key to your happiness and your entire existence, don’t allow the squares to make the rules and impose their criteria on you. Be yourself when you fill out your application, no more trying to impress others with your answers. Life’s true meaning comes from deep inside of you. The spaces on your life’s application are infinite, you don’t have to restrict yourself to the limited spaces provided in standard forms. Use up all the paper you need to fully express yourself, don’t tell the paper police though, preserving trees is far more important than human happiness of course.

Take full control of your life’s application. Use your imagination to go where you desire to go, not what others imagine for you. Let your life’s application tell your story. Create the picture of who you are and where you wish to go. Your application must remain front and center in your mind, not picking up dust in somebody else’s file cabinet. The only special instructions are that you have fun in life. Have so much fun that you forget it’s an application process. If there’s any part of the application you are not happy with, just rip it out and do it over. No worries, there’s nobody to judge you from a mere piece of paper. Best of all you don’t have to worry about any misleading statements, you know, that really fine print that banks and others use to try and deceive people. When you complete your application, make three copies, keep one copy in the vault of your mind and send another to your encouraging friends who can proofread it for you. The last copy is for you to send out to the world. Boy does the world really need it! There are far too many carbon copies in the world today and yesterday as well, make yours stand out, it must be unique and memorable. As always make it an impressive application.