The Final Frontier!!!The Final Frontier!!!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Today’s mental workout encourages you to conquer the final frontier, no, not space itself, nor the space between politicians' ears, we don’t have that much time, but your mind. You have the power inside of you to develop your own formula for success, happiness, health, wealth, and whatever life your dreams are made of. Your mind can truly create the reality you desire. The holiday period presents a wonderful opportunity to reassess your priorities in life and figure out what is truly important to you. Use the power of your mind to lead you to the life you cherish, new year resolutions are just lip service until you follow a plan of action.

Maximize the holiday spirit to rejuvenate your own internal spirits. It’s not so much the gifts one receives, but how you give and share with others. If you are short on funds, use your creativity, your mind is the best value for money in the history of the world outside of Donald Trump’s hairpiece. It’s also free to generate energy within your body through genuine inspiration to help yourself and others enjoy life much more despite whatever challenges you face. Human beings achieve incredible feats once they truly believe. Human beings were born to accomplish the incredible. Human beings are incredible!

Your mind is only as good as the information you pump into it. If you feed it bad, outdated information, it will function as such. If you don’t provide it good working conditions, it will not perform at peak. If you over-work it without supplying sufficient rewards, it will not be a happy employee. If all you do is surround it with negative influences and circumstances, then don’t be surprised if you are only greeted with negative outcomes. If you tell your mind that you are not good enough to accomplish your goals or not talented enough to live the life you desire, then it will likely deliver those exact results.

Your mind is greatly influenced by those around you. Even the most self-assured amongst us need positive team encouragement. The law of positive attraction entails that 'like will attract like.' Strive to be a giver and attract other givers. Spend quality time with those that motivate and inspire you. Hang out with new people and learn about new cultures and gain new perspective. Gravitate towards truly happy and content people. Find ways to add value to the lives of others. Happiness is self-awareness of your place in an amazing universe. Happiness is finding love in the work you do and in those around you. Happiness is maintaining that harmonious balance of family and work lifestyle.

There is truth to the saying that some people are their own worst enemies. Let your mind do its job of pleasing you and leading you to the life you desire. Do not let fear or negative thinking prevent you from taking action towards the fulfilling and rewarding life that you deserve. You have the power of choice, either focus your mind on the positive things you want for your life or the negative stuff that holds you back. Give yourself the best gift this holiday season, the gift of a new mindset. Conquer your mind, use its power of ingenuity to get you to where you want to be. Believe in what you desire to be, research and gather information, then take action and apply. Luck favors those that dare to dream and take action. Keep going till you succeed. Happy holidays and best of luck in the new year. Thanks to everyone that tuned in for their mental workout, see you on the other side.


Thank you all

Thank you all

Most inspirational blog post

Most inspirational blog post ever, how do you do it. Everybody needs to read this keep up the good work.

It's been a christmas gift

It's been a christmas gift discovering your blog, cheers!