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Friday, January 20, 2012

Today’s mental workout encourages you to do something completely brand new, something compelling to you that you have been curious to do. Curiosity didn’t really kill the cat, curiosity gave the cat nine lives. Find a new activity then engage the power of the subconscious mind to maximize the effects of your curiosity. Be daring to experiment and discover new information. What other better existence is there than the ability to live in a universe where you can absorb something brand new every single day of your life. Some people have no idea of the tremendous power dormant inside of them, that they have the ability to ingest some new knowledge or information and task their subconscious mind to manipulate the data and come up with their own original ideas. All one needs is self-belief, confidence, patience and positive thinking to reap the rewards. Human beings were designed to be original beings, but it seems like we do our darnedest not to maximize our power within. If you preoccupy your subconscious with fear and negative thinking, then it will cripple the quality of the life you’ve earned thru birth.

Some of the most brilliant minds in the history of mankind whether science or the arts can attest to the power of the subconscious mind to deliver their breakthroughs. Some even used the power of their dreams to solve problems. This is because they engaged their subconscious mind to go to work around the clock on their challenges, all they had to do was just experiment and test possible options. Unfortunately in an unpredictable universe, your subconscious mind cannot always guarantee absolute results, if it can, you better hurry and sign yourself up for a psychic hotline expert or run for office. Many people fail to realize the vital nature of the experience factor, It’s not about finding the right solution immediately, it’s about the search. It’s about the curiosity, the experimentation, the observation, trial and error process. That’s what your brain craves, the process involved in determining solutions to your challenges. Revel in the opportunity to challenge yourself and contribute your unique ideas to the universe and live life on your terms. Observe the world around you, there’s a lack of solid leadership in almost all circles, people must start thinking for themselves, we simply can’t afford to outsource it anymore because when we allow others to do our thinking for us, we get the current world crisis and state of events.

People rob themselves of the opportunity of the road to self-discovery by seeking quick or overnight schemes to enrich themselves. If you are miserable, sad and poor, then you get rich overnight, you are likely to just become miserable, sad and rich. Even worse some parents rob their own kids of their own ambition to determine the meaning of their own lives by spoiling them rotten. Not only do the kids inherit their parent’s fortune, they inherit their way of thinking too, real shame, a life unexplored. Money just presents an illusion for happiness, it doesn’t guarantee it in any way, in fact it may certainly complicate matters. Of course it’s important to pay your bills and live the lifestyle you desire, however learn to be happy in life through your passion. Passion will eventually translate into valuable currency. Engage your subconscious mind to monetize your passion. Feed it reliable, updated and relevant information and task it to go to work for you. One cannot possibly dream up a better partner in life, someone that works to please you to no end. The subconscious mind exists to analyze data and come up with solutions to lead you to the life you desire and deserve. In this life, your mind is only as good as the information you provide it. Get engaged to your subconscious and be faithful, don’t cheat with negative thoughts of doubt and despair. Enjoy the weekend and as always, make it a deep thinking mental workout.


Very engaging, you are a

Very engaging, you are a master of your art. What are some of your influences and what inspired to do this if you don't mind my asking.

Thank Tim, I am mostly

Thank Tim, I am mostly inspired by the amazing universe and all those who have dared to push the boundaries of the status quo past and present. I really want to help people live life on their own terms. This world doesn't have to work for the few.

Fantastic blog, your content

Fantastic blog, your content is out of this world. I am not a blogger but I read and enjoy many blogs out there. My sister has a relatively new blog that is doing very well but she gets frustrated that when she comments on some other blogs, very few seem to reciprocate by commenting on hers. It seems there are groups of bloggers who only support the large blogs. I was wondering how you don't seem to get too many comments. Do you comment on other blogs.

Thanks Eva, good luck to your

Thanks Eva, good luck to your sister, tell her to stick with it. I get so much spam, it's ridiculous, other comments come in with links that I don't publish. Many people just don't want to bother with registering to comment which I totally understand. And with the RSS feed these days comments just don't come like they used to. But I have to keep the registration process to keep out the spam pirates. I wanted to establish my blog first before guest blogging and commenting in other places which will become easier due to my schedule now. Thanks.