The Gift!!!The Gift!!!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Today’s mental workout for imagination Wednesdays comes special delivery, it's a voice from the heavens above. Not from that fella named God, he takes credit for everything, I am your one and only universe, well actually there are several universes so let’s just say multiverse, when have you humans ever cared for facts anyway. I am the creator of everything, I preside over everything, all genders, all races, all boundaries, all galaxies, all planets, all stars (real ones and people ones), all energy and all matter. I created you humans to be gods yourselves so you wouldn’t need any gods, but somehow you all butchered that one.

I gave you the most powerful gift known to all worlds, the power to control your own destiny. However you refuse to use your imagination as a collective whole. You humans used your imagination to conquer the Earth, you even used it to conquer each other and enslave each other. When will it end? Doesn’t make more sense to use your imagination to contribute to the universe. Look at all the diversity of nature, you humans have only discovered about 10 million different species on Earth, there are maybe another 100 million species yet to be identified. I lose count, even I don’t know it all. How could I possibly, I just provide the canvass for you humans to paint on, the rest is up to you. Sometimes you all surprise me with the likes of Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Einstein, Mozart, Lovelace, Curie, Jennifer Lopez. See, we could go on forever, geniuses come in all shapes and sizes from all genders and from all generations. Your gift is genius within.

Humans, you are my favorite of all the species for the most part, I mean how much pleasure can I get from watching the same dark spots on Neptune and Jupiter. When it gets lonely up here, there’s nothing like human entertainment to cheer me up. I don’t know how you humans do it, oh I know how you do it, you know what I mean. You humans can be so funny, can it possibly get any better than Carlin, Pryor, Martin, Murray, Fey, Gervais and Carrey. The list is endless, you humans can be so funny when you are not busy killing each other. Your gift is pleasure.

You humans do go over the top with your fascination to be the center of everything. Stop wanting so much attention all the time. You strive to make yourselves permanent in an ever changing universe. It’s perfectly fine not to know all the answers, the entire universe is a mystery. It’s designed to be a puzzle for you to figure out for yourselves. Heck, I created all matter, yet I have no idea the extent y’all can take it. You think I could have predicted y’all would have made stars out of Paris Hilton, Kardashians and that Snooki. Human obsession for celebrity has no limits. What did y’all do to my Britney. No worries, you are still a shining star in my world, you had me at hello, girl! Your gift is infinite.

There’s also no limit to the illusions y’all present to each other. You want to believe everything you see in the movies. You dream of living like rock stars and rap stars even though you witness how lives can spiral out of control. You fall in love with fantasy and portrayal of life on soap operas, sitcoms etc. Fall in love with yourself and your life. Some of y’all even think TV wrestling is real. I got news for all y’all, none of life is real. You live on a planet where everything is an illusion. Things conceived through the imagination of others. All that you see is only as real as you want it to be. Whatever you see is an illusion through your retina and your eyes, the rest is incumbent on your interpretation. You have the power to create the world you desire or imagine. Your gift is imagination.

Remember at your birth, there was a chance in 300 million, you would be born. Once you beat those odds, you can be anything in the world you want. No one human being knows anything more about existence than the next. Human beings are unique beings, you don’t need to run with the crowd. If I wanted a planet of followers, I would have made y’all sheep, no disrespect to sheep, but thankfully they can’t read yet. Have the courage to live life on your terms. Have the courage to brave the unknown. Have the courage to use the gift bestowed upon you. Your gift is courage.

Maximize the gift you possess inside of you. Use your imagination to lead you to the life of your dreams. Use your imagination to open doors, knock down barriers and create new paths. Encourage and help each other. Use that other powerful gift inside you that gives you more life, your heart. Experience life yourself on your terms, only you can truly determine your life’s purpose. Life is about adaptation. Life is about evolution. Life is about change. Humans are made of water and organic materials. There are billions of atoms in your body in constant change. Electrons change to create energy, molecules change to form bonds, elements change by combining to make compounds. Find what gives you energy within for your life. Your gift is universal energy.

Back to reality, today’s mental workout is to unleash your gift to the world. You can do anything you put your mind to done by other humans or not done yet, only your bias prevents you. If you don’t believe you are talented enough or lack self-belief, then substitute that for hard work and application. If you desire something enough, you will find a way to achieve it. The power of your mind is what you allow into it. You are your own God, God is within you. As always, make it a purposeful mental workout.