Go for Gold!!!Go for Gold!!!

Monday, July 23, 2012

We are still lost for words over the massacre in Colorado, and for us here, that’s truly never the case, again our condolences go to the grieving families. We can never allow such cowardly actions to weaken our universal spirit to endure. Today’s mental workout competes in your Olympic sport of life. Living a winning life requires the sacrifice, commitment and discipline of an Olympic athlete. Most importantly compete in your Olympic sport of life where your talent, skills and passion lie, the place of your natural competitive fire. Reaching the gold medal of your life's dreams requires extensive training and dedication. You may have to invest up to four years of solid work ethic, no worries, you’ve done it before when you went through the traditional schooling system. This time, it’s on your turf, you determine the curriculum that suits you best. Find your niche, depending on the area you choose in terms of popularity, there’s bound to be stiff competition. You’ve overcome long odds before by virtue of your birth, you have the natural competitive spirit to do it again. You are possessed with a universal gift to determine the outcome of your life. The question is will you commit yourself to train that gift. Will you devote yourself to master your craft. Will you stick with it when the going gets tough or will you fall by the wayside like so many others, only the best of the best will reach the gold of their life's dreams.

Achieving gold in your Olympic sport of life requires you push yourself harder than ever before. After all, it’s your dreams that you are chasing. You may need a performance coach or mentor to guide you over the hurdles in life’s obstacle courses. Nothing like having somebody with experience and an objective viewpoint to help you soar over the high jump bar of your goals. It takes precision and technique to learn to throw your life’s javelin as far as possible. Discover the flow of your natural energy and power. The shot put of your life’s goals weighs significantly less when you apply the right strategy and formula. Training is not enough, you need to train effectively on the core skills that will propel you to victory and measure your progress as you go along. Your body is scientifically engineered to steer you to the life of your dreams if you let it. You must have the courage of your heart. How much do you want it deep inside? What is your lung capacity to keep pumping through the pain barrier? Can you keep pushing forward when so many others quit? What is your lactate tolerance after your muscles are flooded with lactic acid? In other words, do you have it in you to continue when your muscles are overcome with fatigue? You must aspire to supreme mental toughness, condition your body to push beyond absolute exertion. Use the maximum capacity of your universal gift, a place where most people never reach, even worse, never even try to reach. Brace yourself for that long jump into the land that your dreams are made of.

Why not shoot for the gold in your life, if you fall short, silver or bronze ain’t so bad, at least you got in the game. You didn't just stay a spectator cheering in the crowd, it’s your life, take center stage, master your own destiny. Take the Olympian way, become self-disciplined and develop a will to triumph against all odds. Discover what it takes to get to the very top of your field and how to stay there. As long as you stay inspired, you will sustain your motivation along the path. Lean on your strong support network for help when needed, there’s no off-season in your Olympic sport of life, winners must always stay moving forward, the world changes quickly, keep improving your skills on a daily basis. Incorporate cross-training in other disciplines, versatility adds to your tool kit, it also prevents boredom and monotony. Maintain the curiosity and drive to keep experimenting with new methods. Great ideas and concepts are enough to qualify you into the tournament of life, but endurance to push to the finish line is what gets you the gold. You can learn to absorb the critical moments of pressure, the ability to hang in and maintain your resolve to keep pushing onwards towards your goals. When you prepare well, you have the power to deliver on the big stage, it comes through mastery of your nerves and trust in your instincts. Reach for the stars, put your name amongst the Gods of Mt. Olympus. Win or lose, compete with pride, distinguish yourself, try not to brag or show off, that’s not the way of the Olympic warrior. Go ahead and reach for the gold that your dreams are made of.