Happy 2019!!!Happy 2019!!!

Today’s universal mental workout wishes you a Happy New Year while issuing a challenge to get down in the mud and fight hard to achieve those 2019 goals. It's that time of the year where we dream of all the things we would love to accomplish. For most it will stay a dream, that's the easy part. To accomplish your goals, you must be willing to get dirty. You need to get down in the mud with wholehearted effort. To find the right action steps and then to sustain that action. First, evaluate last year's performance. Did you make measurable and quantifiable progress in achieving your goals. Pursuing your dreams in this new age requires the skills and resources to navigate through the obstacle course. It's very, very rare to expect a clear path to achieve your goals. Numerous obstacles usually pop up on your journey. Relish the challenge to tackle those obstacles. No one ever told you that life would be easy, if you seek success, nobody is simply going to hand it to you on a silver platter, that’s right, it’s probably not going to be some $79 overnight, magic solution. You have to earn success by overcoming the challenges on life’s obstacle course. Don’t expect somebody else to do the hard work for you, take it upon yourself to navigate through life's pitfalls and jump the hurdles. Experience is your greatest teacher, when you stumble, dust yourself up and try again. When you fail, it’s not time to curl up in the corner licking your wounds, that's the time to redouble your efforts. You earned the right to live life on terms you dictate through the glory of birth, now it’s time to fulfill your destiny. Life’s obstacles exist for you to hurdle, there’s no fun in life if you don’t overcome challenges. By challenging yourself continuously, you bring out the best in you. You only go around once, leave it all out there on life’s obstacle course, you can’t take anything with you when the time comes.

As you meander your way through the obstacle course of chasing your dreams and encounter a seemingly insurmountable obstacle, remember there’s no such thing, every problem has a solution, if not, other options surely exist. It’s just a case of stepping back and re-evaluating the challenge. Step outside the immediate scope and sphere of the problem. Direct your mind to look towards the future, force it to project an ideal mental picture of future events after the problem. Therefore you’ve conditioned your mind to look past the problems, instead of wasting time and energy obsessing over the obstacles. In other words, the mind now has permission to automatically envision beyond the problem, before long, possible solutions will arise. By shifting away from rehashing and dwelling on the problem, you awaken the positive vibes within, the mind starts to search for creative, constructive solutions. Stimulate your mind with what you enjoy most and be receptive to all new ideas and possibilities. No matter how seemingly insurmountable the obstacle is, there lies a solution. The deeper the hole, the higher the opportunity to climb out, it may require you add a new skill to your toolkit or perhaps consult a mentor or expert, there’s always a solution nonetheless. Try something even if you think it will never work, the wrong way can sometimes yield beneficial input from different angles.

As you take on the challenges of achieving your goals, it’s easy to forget you control the clock. Take your time, go through at your own pace. The entire year is at your disposal, no need to burn through all your passion fuel in January. Pace yourself, patience is critical to allow new strategies to formulate. You have much more time than you have been led to believe by media and the powers-that-be. It’s your life, not anybody else’s, take the time to do things on your own clock. You can’t control the rules others play by, but you can determine yours. If the pace gets too hectic, slow your roll, take time out to plan, make sure you are still headed in the direction that suits you. Don’t get lost in a maze of confusion, use the compass of your heart’s passion and intuition to guide you. Sometimes you presume the end stage is right around the corner, only to discover there’s yet another new, uphill climb, no worries, get back on your horse and keep riding forward. Be convinced that’s exactly where most people will give up. Unfortunately, overcoming challenges is not tailor-made for everybody, some just don’t possess the burning desire and persistence within. Accomplishing one's goals and life’s happiness comes at a price that only few seem willing to pay. Discover what price you must pay in terms of effort and sacrifice, gladly accept those terms and keep going till it’s paid in full. In life’s obstacle course, there’s no conclusive manual or map detailing the exact layout of the course, you just have to plan several guidelines as best you can and figure out the rest for yourself as you go along. Accept the challenge of striving for your goals for year 2019, you have the power inside to overcome all hurdles. Best of luck on the road ahead, please check out the 100 day challenge.