Happy New Year!!!Happy New Year!!!

Monday, January 1, 2018

Today’s universal mental workout to kick off 2018 firstly wishes you a happy and prosperous New Year and all the luck in the universe for achieving your dreams and conquering goals. However, in order to achieve your goals and dreams, you need to have them first. Not just dreams and goals that others or society would like you to attain, but what desires burn deep inside you. Accomplishing goals and dreams begin with mindset. Also, since success is not guaranteed, learning and growth factor become extremely important. Learning and growth go together in perfect combination, a sincere word team concept literally and figuratively.

For 2018 set your mind to the best mindset prepared for growth and life learning. Because there's always more life for all of us to be constantly learning from mail-room clerk to CEO. After all, our infinite planet is constantly evolving and revolving, if you allow your curiosity and thirst for knowledge to stagnate, so too will your experience be stifled in this infinite paradise of ours. Make your goal for 2018 exponential growth of the mind. Harness the growth mindset that will make you a winner for 2018. A goal winner. A dream winner for yourself and others. Inspire and energize those around you. Ask others what their goals are for 2018 then form groups or teams to encourage and push each other along. Sometimes it takes a tribe to get this done in your life that really move the needle of your life. Don't count on the two tribes at war in Washington to advance your life in a meaningful way, they are too busy placating the lobbyists. Don't wait on Washington. Take matters into your own hands. Build your own circle of friends and associates.

Remember those New Year Resolutions, goals you promised to yourself, how are you doing so far, it's been just a couple of weeks. Are your resolutions ancient history already?? We sincerely hope not! You have much more resolve and tougher skin to give up so easily. Life is indeed a dream, keep pursuing your goals and dreams every day with all you have inside you! Since you only get one life to live, it might be a good idea to actually live it in pursuit of your own goals. It makes no sense leaving anything on the table, give it your all, live this life to the fullest. As far as we know, no layaway plan is available for the next life. As you pursue your goals for the coming year, what are the performance metrics that you should keep track of? We are living in the age of high performance from student, mid-level management and senior management. With the pace of life as it is, it’s either keep up or get left behind.

A couple of weeks into the new year offers a window of opportunity for some performance analysis. Are you still going around the track of pursuing your New Year objectives or did you drop out altogether? Apparently, a majority of people only stick to their New Year’s Resolutions for about 30 days or so. Like magic, they discover that their goals weren’t as easy as first considered, then just quit. Even though the same thing probably happened last year. As Einstein alluded to, repeating same behavior expecting different results can be insanity. So why do so many people give up so easily after only a month? Why don’t they recall their past failures? From our experience, some recall past misadventures and hope to put even more effort the next time around. However, although they may make an effort to try something else, their approach tends to be the same - there lies the problem. They begin with a great deal of enthusiasm and passion, encounter several obstacles, then fail to manage their emotional letdown, then all the energy goes right out of their ballon-body. Without energy in our universe, you tend not to get too far.

Understanding that January is only one month out of twelve goes a long way. Instead of giving up on your resolutions entirely, just commit to taking a little action every single month towards your goals, at least you would be making forward progress. Continuing to pursue your goals exhibits personal growth. It symbolizes you are not just going to quit, you realize that things are not easy, but are willing to hang in there. Take this time to reboot and refresh. Look for a new source of motivation, get your second wind of energy and keep pressing on. As Winston Churchill stated if you are going through hell, just keep going. Embrace the difficult challenges of life – as an opportunity to build character and resolve. Keep your eyes focused on the big picture. Simply quitting gets you nowhere. It may take away momentary pain, but the scars of quitting may haunt you. You already started something, just keep going, even if you are completely off-course, you are still in motion, it then becomes about discovering the right track. Push thru your comfort zone, that’s what personal growth is all about.

If you want to achieve more goals, you must persist and try multiple times. It’s simple math, your chances of success dramatically increase with each successive attempt. Each time you try and fail, you eliminate ways that don’t work. Nobody is perfect that always gets it right the first time around, not even Michael Jordan made every shot. To the best of our knowledge in the history of the universe, nobody has ever done everything perfectly, not Leonardo Da Vinci, not Isaac Newton, not Jesus of Nazareth. Be what you are, an imperfect human being living in an unpredictable universe. Become more conscious and aware of the power inside you. Find what inspires you and gives you more life. Succeeding in your goals requires you to get over the hump of your challenge, at which point you gain clarity and things become much easier. There’s remarkable power and energy as soon as you begin to notice results, that brings unbelievable momentum for you to achieve even more. You must stay motivated to harness that energy. Now is a perfect time to evaluate the energy of those you spend your time with. Are you hanging with goal achievers or complainers? Connect with a support network to help you become accountable and get on the right track to achieving your goals. Check out the 100 day challenge to achieve your New Year’s Resolutions. www.salesgymusa.com/100-day-challenge