The hard yards!!!The hard yards!!!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Today’s mental workout for sporty Mondays kicks off the new NFL season of life. After a little off-season downtime and preseason planning, one must prepare to enter into the contact sport of achieving life’s goals. The pursuit of life’s goals requires a playbook of action with plenty of preparation. Before you go full throttle chasing your goals, warm up a little first with some preseason action. Test the waters of the challenge you wish to pursue, experiment with some strategies on a small sample to gauge exactly what you are getting yourself into. Preparation before the heat of battle makes all the difference, it brings composure through confidence of track record. The momentum gained can then carry you full steam ahead into your venture. Practice running your plays with various focus groups and anticipate some back-up strategies in case the primary plans fall short. The spoils of life’s victories goes to he or she that can adjust and adapt on the fly after solid preparation. Taking time for proper preparation will save you headaches down the road, you can then devise your playbook around the most effective strategies and focus in on the strengths of your game plan. Life’s NFL battlefield delivers crushing financial blows to those who are unprepared, invest in the adequate protective gear of preparation.

No matter how good your plan or idea is, run a few plays on a small sample, there’s heavy competition from something called the status quo. Just because you have the best solution on the market, it doesn’t mean that consumers will automatically jump to it. Many people in their minds believe they have the best idea since sliced bread, but unfortunately the real world doesn’t deliver on aspiration alone, ask the president. In the heat of battle so many more factors come to play all at the same time, as you struggle to gain the attention of your target market. Honing in on the ideal small sample allows you to identify and focus in on your target market where you can deliver the most value. Many people become overwhelmed when starting out on their first venture, they get blindsided by the extreme pressure involved translating plans from paper into real live action. After a while if they are unable to score any points in the marketplace; they slowly begin to lose hope and then with all the energy and enthusiasm sucked out of them, it’s game over. To realize your dreams of grandeur, you must be willing to put in the hard yards of preparation and anticipation.

Testing on a small sample allows you to fail quickly and often, since you are not as heavily invested, you can still pivot around your initial plan and turn things around fairly quickly. A great deal of planning and preparation takes place behind closed doors before you can effectively roll out to the general public. Everyone wants to enjoy the glamour of being a successful entrepreneur or their own boss, however you must be willing to put in the hard yards and application behind-the-scenes. No matter what you are working on, large or small, don’t do it half-hearted, perform your best at every level. If you practice to consistently execute even the smallest plays out of your playbook, your mind will transfer the same process over to the more important strategies. The overnight success formula likely doesn’t exist, so quit looking for the easy way out, practice your craft daily, make it always count. When you first start off on a business venture, there’s always some natural nervous energy and anxiety mixed in with your enthusiasm, transform that nervous energy into confidence by gaining early results. Once results materialize from your target sample, you can prove your worth to future prospects, with assurance in the designated playbook and self-belief, you will be ready to take on the world. Commit to doing the hard yards long before your venture starts and as always, make it a well-prepared mental workout.