High School Reunion!!!High School Reunion!!!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Today’s mental workout for Imagination Wednesdays invites you to the bash of the decade, the high school reunion party inside your mind at the prestigious Club Medulla, newly renovated. Who could ask for a more positive atmosphere! Oh come on, don’t be a party pooper, put on your dancing shoes, this is one shindig you can’t afford to miss. It’s going to be a great night, all your old friends are going to be in attendance. You remember your childhood friends, Mr. Goals, Mrs. Dreams and Dr. Aspirations just to name a few. It may have been a real long time since you saw them, but no worries, they haven’t forgotten you, in fact everyone can’t wait to see you again. Word on the street is that Mr. Goals has been keeping fit ready to fulfill your every need. Mrs. Dreams is still looking as dashing as ever wishing for you to keep her busy. Dr. Aspirations has picked up yet another PHD, hopefully he’ll get around to doing some real hard work with all that knowledge, a good thing Mrs. Determination is heading over his way for a good talking to. But of course nothing happens till the Homecoming Queen shows up, yes you guessed it, none other than Mrs. Action. If she doesn’t show up, nothing happens.

The party is starting to liven up, we already have some cliques developing, Mr. Tardy and Mrs. Lazy are reminiscing about all those hours in detention. Here comes Mr. Cool smoking a cigarette as always trying to impress the ladies, but that doesn’t seem to work these days, they seem much more fascinated by Mr. Motivation. Remember how he was voted – most likely to succeed, and why not, nothing ever gets in his path to success. Mrs. Patience is conversing deeply with Mr. Instant Gratification, he’s starting to see the big picture, most things worthwhile in life don’t happen overnight. Mr. Ego just showed up accompanied by a beautiful blonde, apparently he’s not planning on staying long, she may charge by the hour. In the corner, we have Mrs. Insecure trying to hide, but here comes Mr. Confidence forcing her to dance, he never takes no for an answer. They make a great couple, those two! Mr. Immature is running around playing pranks on everyone, he misses the good ole days, remember the one he did in science class. I can’t believe my eyes, the jocks seem lonely, the Geeks have all the girls around them, apparently one of them discovered something called Facebook. Wow things have really changed! To take it away for the last dance is Mr. Ambition and Mrs. Imagination, whenever they tango, anything is always possible.