Impossible is nothingImpossible is nothing

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

From a historical perspective, what we are witnessing in today’s economic climate worldwide is not new to the world. Economic booms don’t last forever, what goes up must eventually come down. The history of western civilizations experience upturns and downturns as a matter of fact, all on the record. Furthermore one could make the case that human behavior is usually pointed at greed or self-preservation which means get the most you can for yourself or your organization or your country on a macro scale. But does the world have to operate on a zero sum game basis, probably not. There could be instances where spirit of cooperation can exceed competition. Human beings have all the resources and power within them to evolve another phase. These economic cycles are no coincidence. Free access to information and widespread education can bring balance to the world. However since the chances are that the blind lead the blind in almost every level of society, it makes the task a difficult one. As long as human beings exist on this Earth, we are always capable of achieving the impossible because ‘impossible’ really means {I’m possible}

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