Jungle Earth!!!Jungle Earth!!!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Today’s mental workout takes a look at this jungle planet named Earth. The phrase it’s a jungle out there is definitely no joke, it has deep implications for anyone who’s ever ventured outside of Beverly Hills. Living in Los Angeles, there’s even a place called the jungle for real, I think Denzel mentioned it in a movie one time. I had to drive by it before, no, not that kind of drive by. We certainly don’t shoot bullets over here, we only use our words to do damage, that’s the only weapon we need, well at least for now until the mob gets here, lucky for us, we are men of the people. So assuming we are a jungle which we obviously are, but I mean imagining we were all jungle creatures, which one would you be. I wonder if animals call us the barbarians or just fools who don’t know how to treat each other fairly in a civilized way. That goes to all parties worldwide that look for ways to use violence to solve problems. You would think evolution of the human brain would finally bring peace on earth, just consider of the possibilities that we have the power to think our way out of any challenge.

What jungle animal would you be? Which animal represents you best? Would you be a bird that rules the sky and soar like an Eagle with the indomitable spirit of an Amelia Earhart never having any human boundaries just yet. Don’t be surprised one day someone will figure out a way to charge for air up in the sky. Perhaps you wish to roam free in the wild or would you prefer to be kept in wildlife preserve given certain cushy privileges, but not really being free. Would you seek the security of the zoo’s walls, at least they would provide 3 squares a day, you won’t have to worry about competing for food in the wild, let the other animals fight over the scraps.

Would you be the brave lion, king of the jungle, more myth nowadays since they prefer life on the savannah plains. Speaking of lions, don’t be fooled by the illusion of some lions. Real bravery often comes from the lionesses, in many cases when lions team up on the dominant lion, sometimes they abandon the pride leaving the lionesses to defend their young. The lioness never runs away, she would rather fight to the death, now there’s true courage for you. You probably can’t go wrong with being any of the big cats. Tigers are now the real king of the Jungles, but never let facts get in the way of a great myth. Perhaps you would be a cougar, I have noticed a few of those running wild in Los Angeles.

Maybe you would prefer to stay closer to home and be an ape, our very close relative or perhaps our distant cousins, the monkey. Would you be a special creature maybe endangered or just ordinary run of the mill? Would you hunt in a pack or be solo? Would you prey on other animals or would you enjoy the bounties of nature. Would you be slippery like a snake, wow the possibilities of a jungle are endless, reminds me of another place. You could also choose to be an inanimate object like a tree with no voice, rooted in the same spot, never going anywhere to experience new places and letting other creatures have their way with you. The choice is all yours. As usual, make it a great mental workout.