Laissez-faire politics!!!Laissez-faire politics!!!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Today’s mental workout for Political Thursdays continues to work the mind overtime trying to figure out what the heck is going on in modern day politics. You don’t have to look far to see why the nation is a mess, just observing the behavior of powerful figures explains it all. It's a case of everybody for themselves.

To forgive Newt or not to. Well Newt says he wants a second chance, redemption is a great quality in a leader, surely we can’t just judge Newt from his dismissal as speaker several years ago. It’s more of the manner in which he led a witch hunt against Clinton when he was doing exactly the same thing. How's that for hypocrisy! Sure we should forgive and forget, Newt has presumably repented, let’s move on. What about his tough talk on military action, why not ask him if he served his country. You’ll find he follows along the long line of those willing to commit others’ lives without stepping up to the plate themselves. What is his track record since his speakership, has he done anything to show he cares deeply about the country since or has he only cared about Newt, can he pass the sniff test. Is Newt really genuine. Well one would have to see some kind of evidence of change, perhaps the past couple of years or even as little as 6 months ago, ask his campaign staff that abandoned him claiming that he wasn’t serious about running a serious political campaign, just wanted to use the opportunity as a platform to sell even more books a la Herman Cain. One would have to make an independent analysis for themselves. As far as family is concerned, it’s always interesting to hear candidates like Cain ‘suspend’ the campaign for family issues. You are only running for the highest office in the world presumably, shouldn’t you know well in advance what the heck you are getting yourself into. Speaking of highest office, isn’t it a heck of promotion that Gingrich is getting after his demotion as speaker. How’s that for a promotion! Overcoming adversity carries appeal. Making Newt the most powerful man in the world, not so sure!

The Donald has blown a fuse of late, he’s not hiding his disappointment and has launched ad hominem attacks everywhere. Come on Donald, if you aspire to the highest office, surely you must show more class and temperament. Last I checked, diplomacy is a big part of the job or are you just going to fire everybody. Wait a minute, that might not be such a bad idea!

Romney looks like he knows he’s got a fight on his hands now, we are starting to see signs of life on planet Romney. Sometimes he can be so aloof, not just with the 10K bet, but when he discussed his mission in France as a young man. He was shocked at the poor living conditions and was glad he was American. Hey Romney, I could have saved you a trip, if you wanted to see poverty, just head to your nearest ghetto, there’s one in every big city.

As far as the other candidates are concerned, Ron Paul is finally starting to get some media attention. Bachman is certainly prepared to pull out all the stops, she’s not going to leave anything on the field. Perry is just being Perry adding more gaffes to his repertoire.

All this GOP action has really woken up Obama. He looks like he’s found his second wind. One thing is for sure, he’s got plenty of new material for his speeches on the stump. If only speeches were all it took.

We are certainly in for an interesting year indeed as if this one hasn’t excited you enough. Will any of these candidates including the current president really bring any change, well let’s look at history, probably not. You need leaders with the courage and inspiration of a JFK or a Teddy Roosevelt, that’s clearly not evident in this field. If the severe recession has thought us anything at all, it's the lack of trust in the system itself. Entities put in place to protect consumers were asleep at the switch, and the people got screwed and were left holding the bag. Organizations need true mores, just because something hasn’t been tagged as illegal, doesn’t mean one should do it. At the end of the day, the people must learn to fend for themselves, the people that are hired to watch over you are not only doing their jobs, but in some cases absolutely in capable of doing it due to lack of lateral thinking. As always, I hope you enjoyed your political mental workout.