License to live!!!License to live!!!

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Today’s mental workout grants you the freedom to live your life. You are receiving the best license of all, the license to live the life of your dreams. Take your best picture with the biggest smile of your life, this is certainly no mug shot. Say Cheese and take the picture with the best background you can dream of. No need for that bland screen. Set your life picture to your favorite scenery that your dreams are made of. Is it the beautiful mountains, perhaps the beautiful white sand beaches with the crystal blue waters or the waterfalls forest of nature’s best. Aim for the colorful life you desire for yourself and start living it straightaway. You don’t even have to wait for your license to live to arrive in the mail, you can begin right now. The possibilities are endless. There’s no expiration date on this license, you determine the amount and quality of gasoline in your life’s tank. Passion and enthusiasm will drive you as far as you wish to go. For now there’s no application fee or law against your license to live, better hurry before congress passes a law against it. In your luggage make sure you pack away Mr. Energy and Mrs. Desire, you’ll need them to make sure you make it all the way to your destination.

You have a license to live life to the fullest. Take full advantage. Try making plans to live in different places whether in your own country or other parts of the world. There’s an amazing world out there waiting to be explored even further. Take your license to live anywhere in the world you wish you desire. Seek new experiences, be Mr. Christopher Columbus embarking on his journey to discover the New World even though some others had found it first, we’ll save that for another day. Live life how and where you want. We’ll only revoke your license to live when big sister finds out you are wasting your privilege. There are so many people around the world that would love to be in your shoes, the opportunity for a license to live must not be taken for granted. Cherish the opportunity and make full use of it. This license to live mustn’t pick up dust in the closet. Dare to be adventurous, you may never get a chance to renew this license so give it your best shot. Remember you truly have nothing to lose and everything to gain, you can always return to your old license. You’ve earned your license to live, we’ve specially laminated it for you. If any authorities bother you on your travels, show em your license to live and tell em you’re with the mental workout team, that will get em thinking. As always make it a great worldly mental workout.