Life's black belt!!!Life's black belt!!!

Monday, June 5, 2017

Today’s universal mental workout for Sporty Mondays jump kicks into your martial arts sports of life. Before you step into the contact arena of pursuing your life's goals, brace yourself for the storm that will surely come. You will have to pay your dues through hard work and sweat, it will take the deepest commitment and discipline to triumph in your martial arts sport of life. There are numerous schools of thought favoring different styles and techniques, choose what suits you best and embark on your journey of lifelong learning. If you aspire to turn that white belt into a black one, you will need the utmost internal fortitude to last the distance. It won’t happen overnight, you will have to evolve along the way, there are steps you have to climb. Firstly, you take your rookie white belt and turn it yellow, and then orange, followed by green, next is blue, and finally all the way to the coveted black belt. It may seem daunting at first, but take it step-by-step, once you get over the hump, the whole process begins to make more sense as you build experience. As long as you stick with it and stay committed with your eyes on the prize, you can taste life’s ultimate victory of the black belt of success.

In your martial sports of life, technique is paramount. Relax your body and use skill, instead of force. Before you fight the war, you must first win the battle inside your mind. Overcome resistance by learning to coordinate your body's energy. Too much force and over-aggression can drain your valuable energy, save your power for the battle ahead. When you feel the pressure of the world on your shoulders, stay calm, avoid using force to push back, you risk wearing yourself out, instead take a deep breath and step back, assess all angles of the situation, defeat your challenges by skill and finesse. Multiply your energy by reversing the momentum of the force against you. Maintain your discipline to go through your step-by-step process. The more you practice, the easier it becomes as you learn to stay totally focused and at ease. In your martial sports of life, derive your strength from being fluid and adaptable just like water, as the legendary Bruce Lee emphasized. Whenever you are firm and rigid, your muscles and joints tighten up making it easier to get knocked off-balance by the challenges of life.

As you battle it out in your trenches of life, beware of the excessive repetition, it can foster laziness as the mind becomes too accustomed. Maintain your curiosity by constantly trying new things or doing the same things differently. Develop sharp instincts to sniff out opportunities to attack in your martial arts sports of life. Don’t expect things to be handed out to you, compete to acquire what you deserve. You are built to absorb whatever pressures come your way, prepare to strike back with intention of action. Stay flexible and keep it as simple as possible. When you simplify life, you eliminate the unnecessary clutter of baggage, don’t carry the load of stress on your shoulders. Simplicity is a key to brilliance, it brings clarity and peace of mind. You already know the serious opponents of life that impede your progress and the steps you must take to overcome them. Face your fears head on and push beyond your comfort zone. If ever you fall down on the mat of life, pick yourself back up and apply some different techniques and strategies. Like the father of judo, kano said, if you fall down seven times, get up eight. Quit expecting the superficial nature of instant gratification, progress diligently through the necessary steps with patience and consistency, life’s black belt of success awaits you, one day the student surely will become the master.