Life's Ironman!!!Life's Ironman!!!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Today’s mental workout contemplates your triathlon sport of life. Achieving your full potential in life requires mastery of different disciplines to overcome various trials and tribulations. Most people in the world settle to be a one trick pony, why follow the same path. In our infinite universe, the same skills employed to master one discipline can be transferred to another. There can be no better way to guarantee success than versatility and flexibility to continue to master multiple skills. The triathlon sport of life demands endurance and immense character. Many obstacles may stand in your way, it’s a journey of mental toughness where the strong do more than survive, they thrive. Plenty of adversity will come your way, however it’s your reaction that will determine your fate. Will you fight back or give up?

The first challenge in your life’s triathlon is the swimming sport of life. Dig deep within and unearth the passion wave that can steer you to success. Then takes things stroke by stroke, determine the best technique that maximizes your talents and skills. Find your rhythm in life’s turbulent waters, catch the wave that makes everything seem easier and natural. Use the infinite power of the energy inside you to give you clarity and direction. Don’t panic and flail helplessly in the water, maintain your composure at all times, breathe deeply and take in the oxygen of life to fuel your blood. Your body is an incredible universal machine built to charter new waters, don’t be afraid to swim past the shallow comfort zones. Life’s treasures are often buried deep for those persistent enough to stay the course.

The cycling sport of life presents the next challenge in your life’s triathlon. After negotiating the unfamiliar waters of your endeavor, there’s always hope of reaching the more familiar territory of land. It now becomes a question of selecting the right vehicle that can transport you to the world of your dreams. Your bike of life comes with many gears, learn to progressively use them. You don’t need to try and hit top gear straightaway, work yourself into it. Don’t waste energy on a path you don’t have true passion for. Follow the path you were born for, even if it starts out up-hill, stick with it, understand you will grow stronger by pushing yourself harder than ever. Remember the down-hill slope awaits you with the wind at your back after you have gained valuable experience. Enjoy the ride, each peddle in the right direction brings you closer to the home of your goals.

The final challenge on your life’s triathlon is running. You may be feeling tired and depleted after two grueling disciplines, but no pain no gain. Your human body was designed to run up mileage, don’t listen to any voices in your head that tell you to quit. How do you know what you are capable of achieving if you don’t push yourself to the max. You only live once and thankfully for some, once is enough. Running across the finish line of your challenge requires dedication and ultimate commitment. The long grueling run won’t last forever, every step you take brings you closer to home. The game of life is an intense battle of spirit. If you attempt more, you will likely accomplish more. Some read about life, others talk about it, few will actually live it. Embark on your triathlon of life and test yourself to the limit. Push yourself to the nether reaches of your existence, have the guts to experience feelings you never knew you had. You have the power to do it! As always, make it an extreme mental workout.