Lucky Strike!!!Lucky Strike!!!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Today’s mental workout for Sporty Mondays encourages you to throw strikes in your bowling game of life. Achieving success is a process in life, you are likely not going to get there in one frame. In fact, if you exercise your patience, you can strategically plan to line up all your ducks in a row. Learn the techniques that will fit you best allowing you to hit all the pins in your bowling game of life. To maximize your efficiency and effectiveness in your unique life, find the bowling ball that fits your fingers. Trying to fit round holes in square pegs is counter-productive, don’t allow your life’s bowling ball to become a heavy burden. Practice your craft till you can perfect your form. It’s a thing of beauty when you can get the most amazing universal creation, the human body working in perfect sync and harmony. Find the rhythm that allows you to steer your momentum towards the designated target.

Success in your bowling game of life comes down to your follow-through. Many people are great at starting things, but don’t persist to follow through to the very end. It’s about putting yourself in position to welcome success into your life. It’s a process, if at first you don’t succeed, try, try, try again. If you only knock down a few pins at your first attempt, head back to the drawing board and get ready to go again. Never panic when you fail to hit all your targets, only babies cry when things don’t always go their way. Aim to get better and grow stronger as you go along. Break your large goals down frame by frame, don’t focus entirely on the scoreboard, focus on your technique. Fine-tuning your mechanics allows you to put a system in place. The results you desire will come when you build momentum. One strike can easily lead to two or three in a row, plenty of good things happen when you gain valuable confidence and self-belief.

In your bowling game of life, stay loose and relaxed, too much tension affects peak performance. Keep focusing on doing the little things right, sometimes it may seem your goals are near, but yet so far. Be patient and stay consistent. When the pressure comes on, don’t allow it to weigh you down, your life’s ball can become unbearably heavy if you dwell on the negatives. Condition yourself to absorb pressure with a positive mindset. Maintain your form and structure in the face of adversity. Composure and poise in the eye of the storm always bring better results. If you happen to throw a gutter ball, no worries, evaluate what went wrong and adjust on-the-fly, prepare for the next opportunity. In our unpredictable universe, many people fall on the slippery runway of their life’s dreams, however what counts is how they pick themselves back up. Others may laugh at you making a fool of yourself, but don’t pay them any attention, you already won because you had the guts to take action. Even when you throw a strike, some may dismiss it as pure luck, but we all know that people tend to overlook the dedication and sacrifice behind the scenes that presented the opportunity to get lucky. You must first be brave to get Lady Luck on your side. Go ahead and throw that lucky strike at your life’s goals. As always, make it a goal-toppling mental workout.