Math your brain up to speed!!!Math your brain up to speed!!!

Today's mental workout will now turn to speed of the brain. We really take for granted, the incredible machinery we all possess. The fact that even in 2011 the brain is still faster than the computer says alot. So that remains at least one job that can't be outsourced. So imagine as you sit at your computer, that you still could have the capability to process information faster than it. That should brighten your day. The average human being has about 100 billion brain cells and can process up to 30 million billion calculations per second. That's pretty fast ha!! Bet you don't think you are hot stuff now racing your car over 100mph on the highway.

The brain is the most efficient computer ever known to mankind. To think comparing the brain to the computer is not a fair contest anyway. Because all the computer has got to do is perform the tasks you've specifically commanded, however the brain has to co-ordinate controlling the entire nervous system of the body, and for some of you out there, that's a lot of work. It's a great thing the brain does a majority of its work automatically or else it would be a very long day indeed if someone had to think to get a function done.

Now we again realize the enormous power of that we take for granted, today we'll focus on quick, sharp basic math exercises. Perform the following workout as to your particular math ability. Take the 2 or 4 times table and go as fast as you can. You may find yourself rusty at first, but the brain will job back it's memory of when you performed it as a child. It should quickly start coming back to you as it's experience for the brain, recollection. So perform this until you feel yourself getting as fast as you did when you were younger. You can keep going higher up the table for you super math brainiacs out there.

Even if you had a math phobia when you were younger, push it to the side for now. It was probably your anxiety that limited your performance. It's a fairly common issue for those who were mathematically challenged to just have fear of math their whole life when it's as curable as a headache. Unfortunately insufficient resources have gone into more progressive elementary math teaching techniques. After all, the solution would be to incorporate the best practices of the best performing regions in Math and implement those techniques that have worked for generations. If you are still worried about math, go ahead and summon up some courage now. Courage is great for the brain. Make it a great mental workout!