A matter of thanks!!!A matter of thanks!!!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Today’s mental workout is a special tribute to thank all of you out there in the real world that have tuned in to get your daily fix. It has been a remarkable journey for me especially and the mental workout team to bring you thought provoking, inspiring and funny mental workouts in hopes of brightening up your day. I would also like to especially thank all those who sent in comments and messages which we unfortunately couldn’t publish automatically due to the constant spam robots out there. Also thank you to all the webmasters out there for all the trackbacks and links and all of you who referred friends and family to subscribe. Starting next week there will be a forum where we can hopefully engage in thought provoking discourse and I will also share more of my personal story beginning over the weekend. But the mental workout was never intended to be about me, but about helping people all over the world think their own way to a more fulfilling life. We also made a conscious effort to build our subscriber base from the ground up with good unique and consistent content which the internet badly needs more of. We are devoted to a modern day renaissance to really help people all over the world unlock their full potential and monetize their passions by leveraging the internet’s incredible opportunities. We believe the internet is going to undergo a revolution in which unique and quality content will be the winner. The internet infrastructure has huge potential to spread across the world opening up new markets for regular folks to supplement their incomes. The internet has also revolutionized education and other industries at a much faster pace than anything else in history.

We encourage everyone to spread thanks all over the world. Thanking lifts everyone’s spirits in a dog eat dog world. It builds character especially in children. Thanking is good parenting. I would like to take this opportunity to thank my parents, my family, friends, teammates, partners, colleagues and everyone in the world dedicated to making the world a better place for everyone to thrive. Giving thanks distributes positive energy vibes from one person to the other. Thanking recognizes you are not alone in this universe,that we all contribute as world team. I’ve been fortunate enough to have a long and successful sales career, but I’m also a teacher at heart. But a majority of my sales success has come from thank you notes and appreciation of those that do business with me. In an ever expanding universe, I try not to take anything for granted and you may find thanking and giving increases circulation around your body. The more you give the more you truly receive. The world is surely a harsh place for the many who have yet to take steps to truly find happiness for themselves. Sending one current of positive energy thanks can combat the negativity in this world so let’s all do our part. One thank you from everybody to those around them that enhance their lives can go a long way. Visualize thanking as truly a free gift that costs you absolutely nothing, yet could bring joy to someone else’s life. Thanking will enlarge your heart in a good and healthy way like singing a love song. Really thank people from the deep chambers of your heart especially those who have made a difference in your life. Don’t discriminate with giving thanks, thank even all the people out there that abuse you and take advantage of you, you know the discouragers and dream stealers afraid to live their life on their terms, but would rather throw stones. Thank them for the negative energy they supply you so you can convert it into positive energy to build your resolve.

We at the mental workout would like to extend the following series of thanks to people and organizations that make our lives truly worthwhile starting with Al Gore for inventing the internet and making all this possible. Honorable thanks also goes to all the banking institutions out there that now have created new hidden fees inside hidden fees, real neighborly, also thanks to Wall Street for being that beacon of integrity beaming down on the world, truly making money out of doing nothing, thanks to insurance companies for collecting our monthly premiums and then finding ways not to pay out claims, talk about taking and hating to give even when people did their part. Thanks to all the media outlets out there that report absolute garbage, thanks to reality TV for bringing us Snooki, she’s been a real credit to our lives. Thanks to all the movie studios out there that take millions and millions of dollars and make really terrible stuff, that takes real genius, making nothing with something. Thanks to all the universities out there that partner with credit card companies and really give the young generation a great start to life, 100K in debt, way to go! Thanks to the board of education for being just that,a board, a plank of wood, no disrespect to wood. Special thanks goes to the Federal Government, Treasury Dept and Congress for real unemployment at about 18% when evaluating the real numbers of real people, not just skewed statistics.

Today’s mental workout is to please pass this along to 9 of your most valuable circle of friends. We are seeking those who can supply the universal currency of value. Unfortunately value is not easy to find these days if it ever was. We at the mental workout team can show you a clearly defined strategy to unlock your full potential in a 9 step program starting Oct 10 through mid January. Giving value is a sure way to prosper and will certainly set you apart. As always make it a great mental workout.