The Meaning of Life - a spectator's view, Part 1The Meaning of Life - a spectator's view, Part 1

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Today's mental workout is a special weekend edition that's sure to get you thinking as long as you keep an open mind throughout. So you can better understand my perspective, my roots stem from Nigeria in West Africa, but my branches grew in the British Isles, a tiny place known as the Isle of Man. I have enjoyed the experience of traveling all around the world and learning five languages along the way. I have managed to conquer the unpredictable universe of my sport since I was considered the best player at my position in my rugby youth. I have also managed a successful career in sales and running different type of companies. In my life and travel experience, I have witnessed firsthand places that actually seemed like heaven on earth as well as places that had to fit the hell description. The unfortunate thing in this world that everywhere you basically travel to, it’s the haves, the have-some and the have-nots. In a majority of the world, the middle group doesn’t exist at all. One thing I am sure about is that financials aside, no one group is particularly more happier than the next outside of all illusions. The true currency of the universe takes many forms. The universe cares nothing for the prevailing currency of the day whether it’s bartered exchange, land, precious metals or paper money. The universe also cares nothing for boundaries between countries. The universe also cares nothing for difference in color, cultures or religion amongst its 7 billion known inhabitants. The world as we know it is just as a result of the information passed on from generation to generation. Many people have meant well whether it’s parents, teachers or leaders, but unfortunately we’ve obviously failed since about 5% of the world dictate terms for the rest and most of the world’s population don’t appear to be happy.

The important point to grasp is that human beings have limitless potential if they apply their brain power to seek the desirable life they wish for themselves. Most of the world is playing their own game of life with most participants set up to lose even before they start the game. Good parenting simply means raising your kids to follow their hearts and desires, hoping that the next generation can advance our species. Unfortunately the world is an ocean or a jungle where the masterminds continue to prey on the less informed generation after generation. As sure as the Earth revolves, human beings appear to revolve and not evolve. A fundamental factor is the fear of the unknown. That’s where religion plays such a major part. All throughout recorded history, religion has caused wars along with politics and greed of course. In some cases it’s been a combination of all three. Human beings have to simply accept that they are simply human beings. No one human being knows more than the next. I once conducted a sales workshop and was talking about the limitless potential of humans to contribute to the universe. Somebody asked if I believed in the bible. There lies the problem, everybody is always asking what someone else believes instead of seeking to understand life for themselves and not what others force down their throats.

I responded as a matter of fact, I do believe in the Bible, not as some divine word of a God, but just stories that tell the story of man and woman on Earth as it’s always been. That’s right, in my humble opinion, the Bible is just stories of how humans behave over time. In my lifetime, I have witnessed The Tower of Babel, countries all over the world competing to build the tallest buildings stretching to the heavens. I have witnessed the devastation of Noah type floods in the form of Hurricane Katrina and the Thai floods that killed so many. I have also heard about the fire destruction of the cities Sodom and Gomorrah in the shape of Nagasaki and Hiroshima. In those cases it was human action that led to destruction whatever what political reason is given. It’s mother nature or human beings that bring destruction to each other. Before you blaspheme me, I am never worried what any God might do to me, I only worry about what human beings do.

Back to the Bible days, I have even seen a murderer let go like Barnabas, yes OJ, you are guilty as hell, pardon the pun. One could even make the argument that time is a human concept. The universe has no real concept of time or any boundaries between nations. Humans did all that. As far as the universe knows, we are just a lucky planet that got life after billions and billions of years of trial and error presumably. Revolving is what we are good at doing, humans revolve, not evolve, that’s the fundamental drawback we face. One shouldn’t need religion for a moral compass because the intense fear that religion brings keeps us from evolving. Fear absolutely cripples people from advancing our civilization. The audacity of mankind to be gifted a beautiful universe and a limitless brain for us to seek even more in the paradise of a heaven. What good is living for your afterlife if you haven’t lived this life you’ve been granted. Since 90% of the world population is miserable with their circumstance, what makes anyone think that any God would want their company in a heaven.

Have things really changed since the days of Jesus, let’s say he did come back to life today. What would he witness, the same things as his last visit. He would still run to the temple and complain about the monetization of religion, just look at all the false prophets out there over the past 100 years or so. Men of faith that have even led countless others to their deaths. Also all the corruption within churches, look at how some of these preachers live the lavish lifestyle on the back of the hard work of their parishioners. Just look around at how people treat each other, usually if one is not related to you, people usually don’t care. Look at how bosses treat their workers all over the world. Sometimes even family members treat each other like crap, look at Jerry Springer and what relatives do to each other.

Even with all the modern ways of getting news today, it’s still very hard to get accurate accounts of stories when they happen. How do we expect the Bible compiled on evidence over hundreds of years to be accurate.
The world is negative or positive energy forces and religion has caused enough destruction on this earth, it’s time for a modern day renaissance. Intelligence is what the world is all about. It’s how humans evolved to be the dominant species. Every species uses intelligence to evolve, humans are just like animals, we need to stop seeing ourselves as special creatures from God, remember dinosaurs once ruled this earth. Lions would still rule this jungle named earth if it wasn’t for the human brain developing advanced weaponry.

People mean well, your parents, grandparents, your teachers, but no human being knows more than the next, not Socrates, Aristotle definitely not Plato, some theories over time become disproven by succeeding generations. If humans learned about history they would discover only technology changes, human behavior practically stays the same, parents of the elite teach their kids to walk in their footsteps and working class people teach their kids to hate the rich and make their kids feel inferior. I used to be a teacher in what would be classified as a dangerous neighborhood. Trust me, some of those kids don't stand a chance at living a crime free life.

Jesus was valuable in his time, he brought a whirlwind of positive energy that probably could have healed people. But all that walking on water and miracles sounds like the illusions humans like to do with each other. If someone really has super powers, only the ego would make them show off. Humans must learn to go beyond the ego. To be continued!