Measure your patienceMeasure your patience

Monday, March 25, 2013

In pursuing our life’s dreams, patience is key. You don’t need to necessarily try and accomplish everything in one giant step. You should break down your goal into an orderly timeline or schedule of accomplishments. The road to success can be quick for some if they are lucky and are able to execute flawlessly first time out. However in an unpredictable universe, for many it’s a longer road of trial and error, ups and downs, twists and turns and so on. The aim is to gain experience and get stronger along the way, it’s really about getting over that big hump to success. Many quit right before they are about to get over the hump when things start to come easier. Breaking down your entire plan into measurable stages or phases will give you even more insight and total understanding of your plan. If you are venturing into a totally new endeavor, make sure to allow yourself time to get used to the new terrain. Of course at the beginning you will be super excited and enthusiastic, but you want to devise a plan to maintain that energy for the duration of the journey. More times than not the road to success is more a marathon than a sprint. Take the careful measures to break down your plan thoroughly allowing yourself a little bit more margin for error if you are a novice.

How can you exercise your patience?