The mediocrity of the mediocre!!!The mediocrity of the mediocre!!!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Today’s mental workout for Political Thursdays takes a look at the mediocre state of affairs in our nation's arena. How did the United States become so mediocre on all levels. Can anyone claim the president has done more than a mediocre job. Aren’t the GOP candidates just mediocre at absolute best. Does anyone observe any visionary leadership anywhere. If they do, please let us know, we surely don’t see it. Leaders are supposed to inspire a nation not just through speeches, but measurable action. What does it say about the US as a whole. Who is truly more foolish now, the ones who lead or those that put them in power expecting something different.

After years and years of empty promises and goals unrealized, what can the people do. Sure the occupy movement may be a good start, but they have to understand for grass roots change to take place, you have to completely understand the root of the problem. Sure wall street is a big part of the problem, but they are just one entity in a very intricate system. An overhaul of the entire political process must take place. Having only two viable political parties is the real problem. The political interests run both parties. Our democracy resembles more of an oligarchy. The entire political system is far too complicated. It’s similar to whenever you go to buy a house and sign the loan docs. Why do you have to sign 100 odd pages. People are supposed to read the fine print and completely understand what they are getting into, but evidently they don’t. In the same way, people have no idea how their political process works. They also have limited understanding about how wall street or the Federal Reserve operates. Things are made complicated for good reason, so ordinary people wouldn’t understand so it becomes important to open one’s eyes and seek to educate oneself on what is really going on behind the scenes.

Change comes from ground up not top down, occupy movement is indicative, however a far more effective strategy would be to put their minds to work first. The people they are protesting don’t necessarily care for those that work for them let alone strangers. Ask the question, do you particularly care for strangers you pass in the street, that’s exactly how executives feel about you. Executives should realize that Capitalism doesn’t have to be zero sum gain either, it can be made to work for everybody. In turn individuals must show their own ingenuity and find a way to monetize their passion in life. In our amazing universe, individual drive to gain knowledge will lead to personal freedom and independence, that ought be the ultimate goal. If you feel like you can’t grab a piece of the pie, create your own pie. Life is about gathering information and turning it into knowledge, then wisdom.

As far as our mediocre politicians are concerned, for the most part people probably do want to see President Obama do well. He is a brilliant thinker and all that which is wonderful for a philosopher king, but the nation really needs a doer president. Does anyone see where four more years will make any difference. Has he laid out a well-defined strategy that can engage the GOP and get things done. Has he laid out a well-defined strategy to get business confidence going again. Has he laid out a strategy to deal with inflation and high unemployment besides the government jobs package. How will he get the GOP to respect his credentials in a second term. How can he unite both parties for a common goal. As it stands, the GOP don’t feel the president warrants his position. They see him simply as an intellectual with no real world experience.

Gingrich would make a great choice as president, if we were back in the 1800s, sure he would have been better than a few we had back then like Harding, Johnson, Buchanan, Harrison, Tyler, Fillmore to name a few. Newt would be a real throwback. Back then who knew what really went on in the White House with limited information. But can we honestly elect someone with so much political baggage airlines won’t let him get off the ground. Newt knows history, he knows anything is possible if he wins the nomination. Others with tainted backgrounds have made their way to Pennsylvania Ave. But really having Newt in the White House would mean the inmates have really taken over the asylum. The one advantage is that we won’t have to look too hard to find the political interest groups, they will probably just take over residence of the Lincoln Bedroom.

Obama vs Gingrich would only be a battle of the speech makers. Political reform should take place to allow a viable third party. Both democratic and GOP machines have conspired to essentially put alternatives at a severe disadvantage, how’s that for the world’s largest democracy. If we don’t find a way to break up this two party machine system at this point in history, then it may likely never happen. We must take a look at the entire political process from interest groups to the election laws themselves. It is time for different political parties to crash this mediocre party. We are at a serious crossroads in our nation’s history. Unfortunately there are no signs of a Jefferson, Franklin or JFK, all roads point to mediocrity. Individuals should enlighten themselves and change the way they think before expecting others to bring change. As always, I hope you enjoyed your political mental workout.