The Mental WorkoutThe Mental Workout

Welcome to the Mental Workout!!!

It is rather surprising how although the brain is arguably the most important organ in the body, most may sympathize with the heart, but clearly some seem to live and get by ok without a heart but I digress, not more emphasis on mental health. However the heart is an organ that can be replaced like kidneys and colons. The brain however is irreplaceable, it is the control center that commands it all, automatically regulates the heartbeat, controls the central nervous systems that keeps us safe and so on.

So why do so few of us actually do a mental workout??? After all a significant amount of Americans go through extraordinary sacrifices to keep in top physical shape. Why not work out the most important organ in the body? Interestingly enough it is what controls all your eating habits, your mood, emotions etc.

Get in control of your brain and it will be your most powerful ally, let others determine it for you and perhaps not. The brain transmits millions of messages all over the body in seconds,the brain itself has 100 billion neurons. The brain's potential is truly limitless. I am hoping the movie becomes a blockbuster, people have to be awakened to the huge power they have within them. The brain controls so much of your life but get a hold of the control panel yourself. It's likely to be the century of the brain, so much more resources will be poured into study of the brain, brain imaging will be more prevalent.

The brain must be exercised most importantly of all the organs. We promise you every day you come here for your daily mental workout, we'll have a different type of mental stimulation to wake you up and give you a great start to the day. Be a positive force to yourself, exercise your brain daily and reach the lofty heights possible.

If you feel under pressure from stress related duties, it is even more important to exercise your brain daily. It can be as little as waking up earlier than usual and taking a more scenic route to work, or start off with a different radio station in the morning or different genre of music. Better off starting with classical music to begin with. Studies have shown that listening to Mozart can boost your IQ, lower anxiety and increase creativity. Until you show me a country music genius or Rasta at age 5, I am going to have to go with the classical music to begin with. Mozart's dad was a composer, conductor, violinist and teacher. So you can imagine how much music the young Amadeus absorbed while in his mom's belly. The classical sound waves transmitted to the womb allowed for Mozart to come out into life with quite an advantage. Who could comprehend composing music at age 5? Imagine the teacher in his classroom, the rest of you take out your alphabet training, Amadeus, we will get to your concerto in D major after lunch!!! He clearly had a highly developed and functioning brain.

The universe is ever expanding, so should the quest for increasing knowledge be expanding. We must all be open to learning something new everyday. You can grow new connections to your brain, you can discover new ways of solving problems, new ways about thinking about things. If you have fear of doing something, then learn to overcome it, take on the challenge and you will look back and be glad you tried it.

The brain is capable of both genius and madness, the latter we see far too much of these days. Give yourself the proper nutrition, a healthy mind in a healthy body will do far more to keep your health care costs down in the future than relying on medicare. So be sure to tune in daily and experience the mental workout. Mental workout equals higher brain performance equals higher brain output and a higher likelihood of achieving one's goal in life. We of course assume you do have a goal in life. If you don't, now would be a good time to get one. Your brain can't achieve what you haven't planned for yet. Go ahead think big and dream big!!!