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Build Stamina

Monday, June 24, 2013

If you wanted to attempt to run a marathon, you wouldn’t just try and run 26 miles your first week, would you. Unless you are some sort of superman. It would be best to break your training up into measurable milestones to track your progress. Maybe the first week you could run a couple of miles to build some basic endurance and then you can add 2 to 3 miles weekly till you’ve built up enough stamina. Before you know it, you get over the training hump that allows you the capability to get to 26 miles. You find half way through your training going from 13 miles to 26 will be easier than the beginning. Your body has endurance now and much needed experience making it easier to reach your final target. In breaking down your venture, you need to have basic milestones for stage one. You want to push yourself hard of course, but you don’t want to exert too much pressure on yourself until you’ve developed resistance to your challenge. You need to adjust to your new state of mind and surroundings. Like the marathon trainee, you are just getting your feet wet, feel out the landscape, get totally comfortable with the new experience. Have in mind that stage one sets the platform, you can move at a faster pace through the other stages as you will have developed endurance and experience along the way, and of course valuable momentum.
The mental workout exercises are as following;

Why do people warm up before physical exercise or train before a marathon?

Adjustment period

Monday, April 29, 2013

The first phase of the planning is important. As it’s more likely we are gearing up for a marathon, you don’t want to sprint straight out of the blocks unless you are a seasoned pro. Allow yourself time to adjust to your new endeavor, you want to give yourself easy manageable steps to get your feet wet as it were. Sometimes when people rush into an endeavor, they may experience setbacks or challenges and then experience discouragement losing that full head of steam. It’s a case of the tortoise and hare tale. The first phase needs to just set up a platform for you. In military strategy you would just be securing a beachhead from which to assault the castle. So you may want to allow yourself more time in the first stage as you are doing something completely new. Sure mistakes are likely to happen, just understand the calculated risk you have to take to reach your dreams. Nothing ventured nothing gained equals status quo. Get your adrenalin going and soak in the courage from embarking on something foreign to you if it’s your first time. Feel the excitement as your brain is excited to venture new territory.

Explain your meaning of the Tortoise and the Hare tale.

Measure your patience

Monday, March 25, 2013

In pursuing our life’s dreams, patience is key. You don’t need to necessarily try and accomplish everything in one giant step. You should break down your goal into an orderly timeline or schedule of accomplishments. The road to success can be quick for some if they are lucky and are able to execute flawlessly first time out. However in an unpredictable universe, for many it’s a longer road of trial and error, ups and downs, twists and turns and so on. The aim is to gain experience and get stronger along the way, it’s really about getting over that big hump to success. Many quit right before they are about to get over the hump when things start to come easier. Breaking down your entire plan into measurable stages or phases will give you even more insight and total understanding of your plan. If you are venturing into a totally new endeavor, make sure to allow yourself time to get used to the new terrain. Of course at the beginning you will be super excited and enthusiastic, but you want to devise a plan to maintain that energy for the duration of the journey. More times than not the road to success is more a marathon than a sprint. Take the careful measures to break down your plan thoroughly allowing yourself a little bit more margin for error if you are a novice.

How can you exercise your patience?

Ask and thou shall receive

Monday, February 25, 2013

As you get feedback from your various support networks, discuss ongoing challenges or obstacles you may be having. Ask for their expert advice when facing similar situations. If you get actual solutions, then you are very lucky indeed. You should be happy for any clues or data you can use to brainstorm later into possible solutions. You want to seek to find possible correlations, what works in a totally different industry may be able to be applied to your particular situation, just have an open mind to soak up information from different sources. Choose a few key member of each of your support network to make you personally accountable for reaching pre-determined milestones. Find whatever way possible to break your plan down into measurable stages or phases. They can serve as additional inspiration and motivation to keep you on track. Everybody can use a crowd behind them, that’s the reason so many sports teams have better records in front of their home crowds. When the right group of people are encouraging and pushing you to the finish line, it can make all the difference.

Why are so many people reluctant to ask those who would be willing to help them?

Support network

Monday, January 14, 2013

Do not underestimate the need to have a strong support network. Just like a husband should provide strong support to the spouse, you also need equally strong support. One can see the importance of strong support networks to combat alcoholism and in the weight loss industry as well. The force of many is stronger than one. It’s just vital that you make sure you get your opinions from all sides, understand who may be telling the facts as real as possible and who may be just telling you what you want to hear. You should also practice pitching your idea to various groups using different techniques. Cater the important elements of your plan to the specific audience. The practice will help you gain confidence when the time comes to actually try soliciting customers for real or seeking start-up investment funds. Also by tailoring to the specific audiences, you will gain a stronger understanding of your plan as you learn to evaluate your plan from different sides. It’s absolutely normal for people to think their plan is absolutely perfect, but in an unpredictable universe, it’s smart strategy to cover all your bases and really take advantage of feedback data from all areas.

Did you play team sports when growing up? Consider the merits of joining a support network.


Monday, December 3, 2012

In choosing our support network, it’s also highly beneficial to include those people that can most identify with your situation. Those that may have been in your shoes already, perhaps those that have done exactly the same thing as you are planning. If you are venturing on a totally innovative start-up then consider other entrepreneurs or innovators in a related field. It doesn’t have to be necessarily the same industry or product type, you are merely seeking information on the process involved. Find out how they overcame certain obstacles and why they may have chosen over particular strategy over another. Don’t be afraid to ask for direct contacts from your support group. Never feel shy or that you may be intruding. As long as you have done your homework and are thoroughly prepared for the tough challenge ahead, then they should have no issue with trusting you with those that can help you. Your professional associates should be able to provide you with valuable contacts with those in your target industry. Ask your friends or family members for any possible leads or referrals from their personal network or their co-workers and so on. Leverage all the social media outlets to reach out to as many warm leads as possible. In the world of sales or service industry of any kind, you should already know there’s nothing quite like a referral.

Find successful people who can help you.

Feed me

Monday, November 5, 2012

As you plot your strategy for the various support groups for feedback, you want to have a well-planned strategy for each group. You should seek to get different types of feedback information. For the professional association, you may want to get feedback as to the overall strength of your strategy. Find out if others have employed the same strategy or targeted the same area. Try and find information as whether they can point you in the right direction to acquire additional resources. Also ask about any insider industry information as to where the market might be headed, find out if there is an under-served niche, any potential areas for growth. Organization of your feedback notes is important. Many people engage in conversations trying to hope to remember all the feedback they receive. However, at this point, trusting your memory bank is not the best option as your emotions are likely too invested already. This is an exciting time for you, you are gathering feedback on something that’s very important to you. Your mind is probably predisposed to take in the positive information, you likely don’t even feel like processing any counter information. This is the time to be most objective, see yourself as simply gathering data to be combined later with other sources of information to make a more informed decision. This is not the time to be emotional, so take a pen and pad and take notes, your associates will appreciate the fact you are actually writing down the feedback notes and will try even harder to really assist you.

Why is gathering feedback a practical process?

Data Entry

Monday, October 15, 2012

As you develop your support network, be open to get expert advice from various people who serve in different areas within your target niche. Your goal is to get the whole picture, it helps if you can ascertain information from distribution channels, supplier networks, mid-managers, senior management and entrepreneurs in addition to sales representatives. You can even do a little group session test and actually collect data from applicable surveys and specific interview data. Be engaging and creative, might as well practice now, you are probably going to need those skills later to sell your concept. Keep your spirits up. Don’t allow yourself to be discouraged at all by any feedback you disagree with. Just thoroughly understand where the particular person is coming from. Like it or not, not everyone may be sold on your idea, remember they are not you. They may know you in a business capacity, but they have no idea what level of internal drive and self-belief you have within you. You may not even be sure yourself of what power lies dormant deep inside you, so how can they tell how much drive you have. The idea is to park your ego at the door and just gather useful information and data which you can turn into more knowledge and wisdom for the journey ahead.

Define open-minded vs close-minded.

Expert input

Monday, October 1, 2012

Seek to have a professional group of experts, mentors or business coaches who you can bounce ideas off. Remember to ensure your life goals have a higher likelihood of success, it’s definitely vital that you own your idea completely. You have to be committed enough to withstand objective criticism. Nobody should ever be able to talk you out of anything if you truly believe in it wholeheartedly. So gain the perspective of a new set of eyes. Make sure it’s people who are experts or associated in your targeted niche in some fashion. Even if your ideas are revolutionary, learn to trust in people around you. You are merely seeking objective feedback. Can they offer insight in certain things you may have over-looked. Ask them for an outsider’s opinion, ask for their initial thoughts. At some point, you are going to have to convince others of your plan, whether its venture capital or angel funding sources, perhaps your community bank or just friends and family. It makes sense to practice now with friendly fire before you have to get ready to of course convince the consumer or whoever your end channel is going to be. Understand what your objectives are with the feedback gained, remember not to take anything personal. You will control your own destiny, you will gather pertinent feedback and make your own judgment calls.

What are you an expert in and if not, why?

Variety of options

Monday, September 17, 2012

Besides the personal support group, you want to develop a social support group. Enlist others outside your personal group who you can also hang out with on occasion. It’s important to participate in various support groups comprised of different people in different industries. The more varied, the better. You need to develop a mindset to mix with all types of people from all different backgrounds. You will be developing a more well-rounded worldview which will broaden your horizons. You would be surprised how you can attain valuable information from those not in the least connected with your endeavor. We are all of course aware now that 6 degrees of separation is now more like 3 degrees with the saturation of social media. So think in terms of the more groups you are able to find time and really contribute and associate with, the more options you will create for yourself. Options are great, that’s what we seek to do, set up options in the future which can hopefully be converted into opportunities. The important thing is to be valuable to your support groups, make sure you are truly interested in them as well, don’t make it a solo show for yourself. Give them your time and input as well.

How can you effectively network in the new age beyond the old traditional methods?