The why

Monday, April 16, 2012

Picture the true difference between the trajectory of where your life is headed now compared with your visualization for your desired path. What do you see as the real obvious differences in lifestyle. Contrast the differences in terms of emotions, feelings, energy and enthusiasm. Be honest with yourself, could you take going on the same way. Is it perhaps not as bad as you think? Is it worth it to put in everything you have inside you to pursue your dreams? Is it ok just to be alive and going through the motions or do you want to be living. Life is for living. Take control now, master your destiny. Let’s continue to visualize the implications of your motivation in terms of your family, friends or support network. Does your support network understand your particular situation? Do they know what your goals and desires are? Are they fully encouraging you along the way? Are they bought into the sacrifice? Visualize to see if their love for you now will be even more sincere and meaningful after you achieve your goals. Do you expect they will love you the same regardless of outcome. Do you picture them loving you even the more after all the sacrifice they know you went through. If family is a big reason why you want to achieve your goals, paint the picture now for what things may feel like when you succeed.

How many % of people on their deathbed do you think wish they had lived life differently by following their passion?

Time travel

April 12, 2012

Visualize a world where if $ was no issue, what would you be doing with your time. Again where would your natural talents and skills lead you to. Now go ahead and transport yourself back to the Stone Age, what particular trade would you be doing. How would you be earning your keep in that era without technology, formal education etc. Using the right brain to spark your imagination to stir up your creative juices. Getting those flowing is a powerful tool that not enough people take full advantage of. You are a human being with tremendous ability blessed with a powerful right brain, learn to use it to the fullest. Now you have a good idea of how to channel your innate skills towards your desired goals. Reflect on the reasons why you haven’t until now used your passion to lead the way. What circumstances or way of thinking do you think led you in whatever direction you took previously. Was it just the way you were raised? Was it the way you were schooled? Was it the way you were programmed to think? So let’s assume you settled to live your life up to now for whatever factors accounted for it, fear of loss and financial stability or failure usually has a lot to do with it. Now how motivated are you to go the extra mile to get what you really want out of life without settling again. Visualize yourself in 5 years having settled to continue to live life the same way. Picture what your feelings and emotions would look like. Surely, you don’t want that for yourself. Are you ready to do what it takes to succeed on your own terms?

Is it possible that the world today serves to benefit only a small minority and what can you do about it?

Universal currency

Monday, April 9, 2012

Consider how you can use your natural abilities to fuel your passion as you visualize your goals. Write down all the things you have true passion and innate skill for. You know, activities you can do and it just seems that time flies by. Activities that give you momentum no matter how low in spirits you are. Have you found that thing that you think you were born to do, something people observe that you are a natural at. If nothing jumps out clearly at you, go back to your early years and think back about what activities you used to instantly gravitate towards. Next step is to spend some time brainstorming. Find possible routes to increase your passion currency. Unfortunately the universe cares nothing about material things or the prevailing currency of the day, be it land, gold or paper money only about your desire and will to succeed. So seek to find how you can gain natural momentum to turn your passion to carry you closer towards your goals. Brainstorm for any possible connections, let your mind lead the way. Whatever connections arise, do a little research and make use of any resources, groups or affiliates that share the same passions.

In the beginning do you think human beings were born with everything they needed in nature and
what observations can you make about the progression of the role of money in our universe?

Sense it

Monday, March 26, 2012

Consider the manner in which you are currently living. If you reach your goals, will you have to move to a new neighborhood. Will you have more options to do the things you always wanted to do. Will you be able to really live it up, maybe join a tennis club, country club or wherever your passions lie. Do you have the ambition to move up a social class or two? Visualize doing those activities now, send signals to your subconscious as if you were there right now, performing it. Does it truly mean a great deal to you to have the freedom to be able to do these things. What role does seeking material things play? Do you wish to buy a big house in the best area in town? Do you desire a fancy car or perhaps you just want to provide a better life for those nearest and dearest to you. Maybe you seek the freedom to travel and more vacation time. Use pictures to put yourself there right now. How does it feel to be able to vacation anytime you wish? How does it feel to spend your first night in that house you desire? Get a sense now of what emotions you feel driving that fancy sports car or SUV you so cherish. Do you feel overcome with emotions? Is it just too much for you to picture it for yourself and if so, ask yourself why. Visualize then continue to take the necessary steps to actualize.

How can you describe the process of sending impulses to your brain thru visualization?

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Meaning of success

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Why is reaching the goal going to be important to you, your spouse, kids or perhaps other family members. How could reaching your goal change your family time? Will it allow you more time to spend with your family? Visualize those feelings and harness the energy to make it happen. Do you feel that you are working life so much that you have lost time with the family. Do you wish to spend more quality time actually watching your kids grow up? On the converse, maybe you need to reach your goals so you can move out from your family and start a family of your own. Whatever your personal situation, stir up some emotions to energize you to push towards your goals. How will reaching your goals affect your support network of friends? Have you in fact developed a strong network of friends and business associates? If you succeed in your endeavor, are you going to be able to help your friends? Or perhaps do you want to succeed so you can find new friends if the ones you have now are not encouraging or supportive enough. Look in the future and see how your new life will affect people around you. Are you going to inspire others to take the same route and live out their dreams? Use your powers of intuition to determine who the positive friends are within your network. Picture the friends you wish to reward for their encouragement and support through your journey.

Why do you truly want success now and how will it change your life?

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Getting engaged

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

We have to engage the power of our subconscious mind to continue to visualize our dreams. The power of the subconscious mind is beyond incredible, it can work at light speeds compared to your conscious mind. Unfortunately, many people in life fail to tap into the super computer inside of them. Program into your subconscious mind how much reaching your goals really means to you. Develop visual signals you can relay to your brain. Use pictures, symbols, signals, role models. Whoever or whatever represents your goals, if you want to be in the movies, then your favorite movie star picture. If you want to start a business, then develop some kind of visual resource. The process of visualization should have awoken and engaged your subconscious to go to work. It will search all available data within your brain to determine ways to assist you. However, it’s not enough to rely just on this, maybe you haven’t acquired enough information yet, so try to absorb new information every day at this point. Don’t overwhelm yourself like in the planning phase unless you really feel up to it. For this time, just little bits of information to see what your subconscious mind can come up with. This must be a patient time frame, give your brain adequate time to piece the puzzle together.

How can you communicate the importance of achieving your goals to your subconscious?

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Picture it

Monday, March 12, 2012

Visualize your destination now. Arrive at your goals now in your mind. What emotions do you feel? What does reaching your goal allow you to do? What feelings are you encountering as you picture the destination right now. Go ahead and cross the finish line, how does it look, smell and feel to you. Don’t be afraid to really spend considerable time doing this. This is not wishful thinking or dreaming. You are doing this as part of a 9 step program to achieve your goals. If you get your mind excited and activated enough, it will open up more connections to your brain. More connections means many more possibilities and avenues to your destination. When you arrive back to reality also known as Earth, contrast your emotions now and when you were visualizing. What are the two different states of mind? How dramatic of change would it be in your life. Perhaps your goals will allow you more free time to do the things you enjoy the most or spend more time with your family. Did you feel a new burst of energy. Do you feel more burning desire to achieve your goals now? Did you gather some momentum and incentive to put even more effort. If you didn’t receive more rush of blood and enthusiasm, then perhaps you don’t want this goal as much as you think you do. Maybe if you are not the type to over-visualize, well now would be a good time to start. Use the immense power of your right brain to get you excited towards achieving your dreams.

How do you think your brain notices the difference between the real world and your dreams?

Plan B

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Adjust your plan accordingly. Now is not the time to be stubborn or sensitive. It’s all fine that your plan sounded great to you, but that’s because you came up with it, it came from your head, of course it ought to make total sense to you. Unfortunately in this world if you plan to make any venture successful, it will also have to make sense to other people. So be critical in adjusting to your plan, if you have to make wholesale revisions or even change strategies completely, be brave enough to do it provided that you have sufficiently strong reasons to do so. Develop your revised plan with the alternate strategies factored in. The next stage after we have our amended plan is to develop a counter-strategy, otherwise known as Plan B. It’s very rare in this world that there is only way to really do something. If you were smart enough to think of one plan, then you are perfectly more than capable of thinking it up a totally new strategy as well. It’s important to plan now before emotions get involved and you are already in the heat of battle. It may be time consuming, but consider you have all the time in the world, remember the hare and the tortoise tale. Why not take extra time now to fully plan in case things do go wrong, after all we all live in an unpredictable universe called planet Earth. Strategizing for a counter plan will strengthen your primary objective as you also learn new things and learn to think differently and extensively on alternate routes to your ultimate end destination.

How can exploring counter-strategies improve your original plan?

Apply yourself

Monday, March 5, 2012

After you have gathered your valuable feedback, remember nobody truly knows your plan or probably believes in it as much as you do. So now you are going to set aside your important time to consider the new intelligence you gathered. Write down all viable alternate strategies. What new avenues and alleys can the new information steer you down? What new insight did you gather that you may have overlooked? Do any new details punch holes in your plan? Do you have to re-consider a certain strategy or technique? What new intuition or awareness did you derive? After you break down the information into a list of ideas or new strategies and angles of attack, next put your mind to work and apply yourself fully. Take considerable time to visualize a basic guideline for your brainstorm ideas. Input the new data into your brain as if you were supplying new data for your computer. Test out the power of your brain. Conduct a few brainstorming sessions, it’s important to be patient of course, remember Rome wasn’t built in a day, it might take a few weeks to truly derive new opportunities for alternate strategies. Also take the time to do the additional research on the new proposed information. Investigate further all the new angles that were suggested. Find out which ones really hold value and potential. You want your brainstorm processing to be a patient process and follow like this, input possible suggestions, goals and scenarios into your mind, give it a few days to process the information and come back with some ideas to benefit you. Patience will provide composure for your mind to work its best.

Apply yourself with the same focus as in your school days.

Test your ideas

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

After you have your professional support network in mind for your selected venture, you want to bounce ideas off them. Explain the basic concept of your plan and goals to them. At this stage you should believe in your goal after doing sufficient research so don’t worry about anyone trying to talk you at of it. If they succeed then you likely don’t have the self-belief and thick skin needed to go the distance. So consider this as your basic testing ground. Your goal is to just accept feedback and new information from other trusted sets of eyes. Experiment asking people in different industries to get a larger scope of feedback. Again we must emphasize that you should be articulate enough to convey your vision. Gathering pertinent feedback from trusted sources should have opened up more options and possibilities for you. If not, then your idea may be very niche and specialist. As long as you are consulting with intelligent professionals, you should have sparked some interest. So whatever information and new ideas gained must now be identified. Take time to evaluate each one whether optimistic or pessimistic. Depending on the nature of your aspirations, determine which sources are the most directly related. Testing your ideas is a critical part of the process. You want to put more value in the feedback that comes with real credibility and experience.

What competitive advantage can you gain from extensive planning compared to others?