Tuesday, February 28, 2012

As you have your end goal in mind, if it’s a goal to start some kind of business beyond ways to monetize your passion. You have to be open to real scrutiny, discuss it with mentors or business associates you trust. You must ensure it’s a smart group of positive like-minded individuals who have a track record of encouraging you. It’s very important that you proceed cautiously, be very careful of involving the wrong type of people who may discourage you. If you do not have such a trusted professional support network, then start now and develop one, find a local business coach and a selected few of trusted experts in your field. Learn to develop good working relationship with people in your field, don’t see them as competitors for now. You want to avoid involving family members in initial feedback if they are not experienced in the place you are going to. It makes total sense, you want to seek advice from those who are already living the life. You don’t want to seek advice from your uncle Tommy about real estate investment if he has been evicted 3 times from apartment units. Likewise you wouldn’t seek marriage counsel from your three times divorced colleague. This concept of seeking input also serves to heighten your intuition. It’s vital for you to know who your true friends are as you embark on your goals. A true support network will provide that positive energy zone you need along your journey, they can serve to boost your spirits.

Do you have the confidence to seek out a possible solution to a problem in your area of expertise?

Peace of mind

Monday, February 27, 2012

We cannot understate the importance of an adequately sound financial plan. So many people chasing their dreams quit just when success might be just around the corner. Visualize your quest for success as climbing a mountain, but once you scale a certain point, you might be able to gather some momentum to make the rest of the journey easier. There’s always some point, you can reach that will signify the end is approaching and before you know it, you will automatically double your efforts and turn stored energy and motivation into will power. Remember we want to get stronger as the journey goes along. Much of your success also depends on building mental fortitude. Money issues have a tendency to prey on your mind. It keeps you up at night when you should be keeping your mind on positive ideas to assist your dreams. Money implies our very fight for self-preservation, nobody wants to be broke or homeless. So that fear just dominates your mind and prevents you from maximum productivity. So laying out a strong foundation to manage and deal with potential money issues down the road will provide valuable peace of mind. That you can’t put a price on. A calm state of mind will yield more creative ideas and possibilities to make your journey to happiness more likely.

Does overconfidence lead to the high rate of financial shortfall in so many ventures?

Due diligence

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Taking the steps to make sure if anything is going to affect your endeavors, at least let’s ensure as much as possible that it’s not going to be financial challenges. Research as many alternate revenue sources at your disposal and within your schedule. Then organize and digest the data, then brainstorm for at least an hour and evaluate what probable options you come up with. Use the internet to fully explore all your options, you’ll find that discovering unique revenue generating sources will fuel your drive as you realize the power in your hands to look for opportunities. As you make your alternate revenue sources, you want to proceed with caution, we don’t want you caught up in any scams of course, something like that could really affect your motivation. So use common sense and perform the necessary background checks. You are just seeking alternate sources of income to maintain your journey to success. Remember running out of money is an issue even for seemingly profitable businesses. Something that has to do with cash flow issues. We can’t emphasize enough the role lack of funds in forcing people to abandon their goals prematurely. Most business ventures need ample time and patience before it begins to generate sufficient funds.

Take time to plan and over-prepare for your cash flow, it will be pay dividends.

Contingency planning

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Although you want to remain as positive and confident in your endeavor as much as possible, however you have to develop a mindset of over-preparation. After all it’s better to have done something and gained great experience from it and not need it as opposed to not preparing for something and needing it. Throw in all the emotions involved as you become firmly entrenched on your journey to your dreams. Ill preparation can lead to rash and unwise decisions. We certainly don’t want that. Unless you can significantly cut down all your financial pressures during your quest, we assume that you are still carrying financial obligations as you proceed. Pressure especially financial worry sometimes leads to bad decision making. Your goal should be to maintain as much as calm and composure as possible on your endeavor. You have enough on your plate already with managing the rigors of an unknown venture, you don’t need undue financial stress. Imagining we are on that cross-country drive again, think ahead and anticipate there may be road closures, freeway ramps out of use. Financial emergencies have a way of coming out of nowhere, that’s why they are called emergencies. So take the time now to consider some contingency financial planning.

Most business endeavors become affected by a lack of funds, how can you supplement your income?

Alternate options

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Your road to accomplishing your goals is unpredictable. However don’t spend needless time trying to account for factors beyond your control. Your time is best served evaluating all the possible alternate options you have to reach your goals. Sometimes people get fixed on one particular goal and only focus on one way to get to that destination. Consider for example if you were looking to start your own business. What if a new company under the radar now comes out with innovative technology that will negate your own company objectives. Take the right steps now to mitigate against such circumstances. You only have to look around and see how Google affected Yahoo and how Facebook replaced Myspace. Consider the analogy that you are trying to drive cross-country from a West Coast city to an East Coast one. If you only map out and prepare for one specific route to your end destination, then you are definitely praying for flawless execution. That means you are counting on Lady Luck to shine down on you throughout the whole trip. In chasing our dreams, we are usually moving from one comfort zone to a slightly more uncertain and unpredictable one. Unpredictable like the weather perhaps. So just as you would likely analyze the weather reports for your trip, you should also gather important information and data, spending considerable time planning for your goals.

How can sufficient planning help ease your emotions in the unpredictable universe.

Short term sacrifice

Thursday, February 16, 2012

In your preparations, also remember to plan well ahead and account for possible changes in maybe your living conditions or financial outlook. Do you have to move, downsize or prepare for financial sacrifices in order to achieve your goals. Mentally prepare your mind now and communicate why it’s of the utmost importance that you make these short term sacrifices. Begin to plant the roots for your strong oak tree like backbone. Most people hate to make serious sacrifices unless they are truly motivated and dedicated. Now consider the total potential time frame and duration of your goal in terms of the best realistic scenario to mid-scenario and then average scenario. Take the time now to strategize how you intend to handle each situation in a financial sense. Might you need to consider other additional sources of revenue as back-up, do you have other resources you can tap into if need be. You must be patient in executing your plan, you want to mitigate making decisions under financial duress or perhaps making decisions out of lack of revenue and in complete desperation. The calm mind yields better results.

Is it worth it to sacrifice in the short run, to do whatever it takes to get going on your goals?

True to Self

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Now we need to consider some external sources of your motivation. Are you motivated to shape others’ opinion of you, perhaps to project an image of success. Do you seek to live up to the standards of others or perhaps be accepted into some new socialite class or peer group? Perhaps your intentions are the complete opposite, maybe your motivation is part of some larger context or perhaps plan to serve others primarily outside of yourself. Whatever your particular situation, be sure you precisely communicate it on paper. Be true to yourself and understand why you are willing to embark on the journey. Fully comprehend that what separates those that make it all the way to their dreams and those that fail along the way is ability to summon up the energy, passion and will power to continue to the very end. It makes perfect sense to focus a great deal of attention on this area. You only have to look around you and remember how some people you know were once very excited about a particular endeavor at the onset, but lost steam as they went on. You want to do your homework and pre-planning now so you can have enough fuel and drive to complete your journey. Many try and get by on that initial surge at the beginning, but in all likelihood, it will take much more, so be ready and prepared. Stay true to yourself and the reasons behind your endeavor, the real source of your power.

Do you like the idea of success or are you willing to work your pants off to get there?

Social Exchange

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Maintain your most positive environment possible. Be honest with yourself and identify which friends or family members absolutely drain your energy on a regular basis, hopefully it’s not your spouse otherwise you got problems. This is a critical component, you are already going to have enough of a battle on your hands, you don’t need those that would kill your strength. Sometimes they are your close friends; they don’t know themselves that they live in the negative because due to being accustomed to it at all times. It’s just a part of their everyday life. Be tactful as you explain to them just why you must be left alone as you work on your life project. If possible create a positive energy zone of like-minded individuals who might be pursuing similar goals as you. Search the internet for local meet-ups, seminars or events. Get social and exchange ideas with those who have already achieved success in your chosen area. Positive energy can be contagious and create new energy and opportunities all on its own. Seek positive minded people who serve to give you more life, more energy, more enthusiasm. Find people who are passionate about what they do. Ask them probing and interesting questions, try not to be trivial. Be insightful and pick their brain, you will find that many will be only too happy to assist you. Always strive to exchange positive energy in the trade marketplace of life.

Do you noticeably feel negative people who rob you of your energy and conversely why do you think most highly successful people are more positive energy oriented??

Going back to school

Monday, February 13, 2012

Create a schedule for yourself like back in school. Just like back then you knew what your favorite subjects were. Create your own modern day schedule that breaks down your favorite activities in your plan. If you have activities you must perform, but don’t enjoy as much, then perform those activities directly after your favorite ones. You will already have worked up excitement and energy in the body which you can transfer into the least favored activity. Take time and plan it thoroughly like your high school schedule. Instead of the government dictating your education, it’s time for you to plan your course of action to happiness. It’s important as you make your schedule to also plan time to make up for lost time or unforeseeable events. It has to be said that many may make written plans, however fail to account for future events so when things do come up as they always seem to in our unpredictable life, they lose ground and get discouraged as they may have to scramble to put together new strategies. Use your brainpower to design your own school-like schedule, your brain already has experience in that pattern of thought and accomplishment.

Create your school-type schedule.


Thursday, February 9, 2012

Keep your written plan as a roadmap close to you always. Find meaningful and applicable ways to measure your progress. Set up rewards along the way as you achieve various milestones. Gather momentum from each success and you may find it boosts your energy to re-double your efforts even more. You can create enough energy and enthusiasm that it can serve as a tidal wave to carry you closer to your goals, the power of momentum cannot be understated. Also let your friends know when you hit milestones along the way, allow them to share your early successes and progress. Let others encourage you and give you more reasons to succeed. Also if you ever find yourself down along the journey for whatever reason, refer back to your written plan to gain reassurance from your past successes. You can see failures and setbacks have happened before, they tend to be temporary in nature. The evidence is there right in front of your eyes, you see that you can always bounce back like you have previously done.

Research the importance of momentum in physics for yourself and determine how to build it in your favor.