Power of Moderation

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

It’s also recommended that you take great care of your body by working out or yoga. Constant relaxation is important for the body for it to perform at its best. Maintaining high levels of motivation may be more taxing on some bodies more than others, but give your body the right treatment and you will realize a beneficial return. Strong mental and physical fortitude may be the difference between going the distance or burning out after a few rounds of setbacks. Preparation to ensure your body performs at peak cannot be understated. A healthy mind in a healthy body is an age old phrase for a good reason. It’s inevitable that you are going to experience ups and downs like a roller coaster ride. You may have to deal with fluctuations of emotional energy throughout your body. You mustn’t let yourself be overwhelmed. Try and maintain an even keel and remember not to allow one action to determine your outcome. Maintain moderation, if you experience resounding success, take it in stride and keep your feet firmly on the ground, conversely if you encounter a huge setback, realize it’s just one action in a series of events. Don’t let it rob you of valuable energy and enthusiasm, use setbacks and challenges to fuel your spirit and build your resolve.

How can you be more moderate?


Tuesday, February 7, 2012

If you feel yourself falling low in spirit. Take time to wake up your imagination again. Recall the need and desire to accomplish this goal. Did you dream up this goal yourself or did it arise from another place. In any case, let yourself go and imagine fulfilling your desires. How does it make you feel when you reach the finish line in your dreams? What will reaching your goal allow you to do? What will it allow you to have? Your brain has excellent memory to re-ignite that spark that once carried you. Visualize yourself at the goal tomorrow and then find your enthusiasm and exuberance to get back on the track today. Motivation is a complex issue. You know yourself better than anyone. Seek to understand what gets you totally excited and what causes you to lose energy and enthusiasm. You want to pour all your energy in doing those activities that fuel your spirit. Avoid or find another way to approach things you don’t enjoy doing as that will rob you of your spirits and perhaps end up discouraging you altogether. It’s sometimes difficult for certain people to grasp that they do not have to try and do everything on their own, patience and planning for the duration again comes into play.

Why do so many highly successful people endorse chasing dreams?

Communicate your feelings

Monday, February 6, 2012

To help you better cope with the ups and downs of your motivation, try and keep basic written notes about what you feel when you are super motivated. Concisely spell out your thoughts and communicate your deepest feelings. Perform the same exercise when you find yourself low in spirits and lacking motivation. Clearly understand that you are not the only one that suffers from such swings. Writing down your feelings will trigger different sensations in your mindset. You can begin to deeply explore the nature of your convictions about what goals you are pursuing and why. Find an encouraging support network to propel you forward especially at those times when you may be feeling low in energy and enthusiasm. It could be a spouse, family member , friend or associate. Make sure to communicate the importance of you achieving your goals. Your success will be of course ultimately determined by your overall efforts and dedication to reaching your goals, however encouragement can fuel your gas tank. Everybody sometimes falls low in energy and enthusiasm, it’s knowing how to pick yourself back up that makes the essential difference.

How do you re-boost your spirits when you become down.


Thursday, February 2, 2012

It’s evident that motivation can work in cycles for many people. You only have to notice how motivate and enthusiastic certain people are when they first set out on a venture, then after a setback or two, it begins to show on their appearance, they look like different people with all their energy and enthusiasm sucked out from the challenges faced. There are always going to be certain factors that come up outside of your control. You will just have to do your best to tackle any challenge that comes your way. Don’t let anything derail you once you set a clear plan for success. This is obviously easier said than done as we all know something always comes up. Well that’s life, so carefully plan ahead as much as possible for the events that may arise. It’s not predicting negative things for you in the future per se, it’s just you showing advanced preparation and planning, it’s vital foresight from experience living in an unpredictable universe. Maintaining your motivation is critical for the duration, your road to success is likely to resemble a marathon more than a sprint.

Do you visibly lose energy and enthusiasm during challenges, are you self-aware of how your body functions.


Wednesday, February 1, 2012

There may be only a fine line between success and failure in some cases. It’s all about the will and commitment to press on regardless of failures and setbacks. Seek to understand what may have de-motivated you to push on even when all hope seemed lost. Explore the reasons internally while also considering external pressures like financial or other constraints that may have changed the whole picture. Examine your personal track record, are you the type that lets external pressures affect what you really want for yourself inside. Dig deep within yourself, but also understand in an unpredictable universe, sometimes certain factors are beyond your control, but be totally objective. Clearly seek to comprehend what may de-motivate you in life in general. The ability to remain motivated throughout your quest to monetize your life’s passion with sustainable income depends on your planning activities. It’s a skill set in itself to know how to plan effectively for emergencies, we certainly don’t want that to ruin your efforts, when a little more advanced preparation would have sufficed.

In an unpredictable universe, why is it crucial to have back-up plans for emergencies.

Internal vs External

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Contemplate your true internal motivating factors. Search deep and ask searching questions why you may feel a certain way. Compare and contrast your internal vs external motivating factors. What gets your blood pumping? What adds fuel to your spirits? Where do your true passions lie? What are you able to do effortlessly and with boundless energy and enthusiasm. What will make you do whatever it takes to overcome adversity along the way. Start delving deep to discover the difference between internal motivating factors and external ones. Internal factors stem from only your deep desires and gut feelings towards wanting to achieve certain goals. External factors refers to outside influences like family, friends or professional associates etc. In what way did your parents influence your life goals up to this point. What goals might have originated with them, but you took complete ownership of. If you were your own master of your domain or universe, what would your goals be.

What are your internal and external motivational factors.


Monday, January 30, 2012

In the past when you did failed to meet certain goals. How did that experience transfer to your future endeavors. Did you thoroughly analyze what circumstances led to your inability to achieve the goal. Were those circumstances completely in your self-control. Did you really give it your all with all the passion and enthusiasm possible. Consider those lessons you might have taken from setbacks and think how you may have applied them in future goal setting. Do you have a clear connection with passion for something and then setting goals accordingly or do you do it the other way around. Do you set a goal first, then hope to develop passion along the way to reach the finish line. If you are not generally the kind of person to take lessons from mistakes, consider the reason why. Do you expect to be a perfect human being if any such thing exists and hit your goals precisely the first time. Is it realistic to expect success your very first time doing something or can repeated attempts make you better through time, patience and experience.

How can you turn negative situations into a positive experience immediately.


Thursday, January 26, 2012

Now take a deep look inward at yourself. In the past, when you set goals, how did you feel when you accomplished those goals. Did it give you more momentum and incentive to set new goals? Also it’s important to understand how you felt in the past when you failed to hit your goals. Did it steer up emotions inside of you. Did you get angry? Were you determined to try again or perhaps try harder the next time. Honestly try and search your inner most feelings as much as possible to determine your internal makeup and pattern of behavior. Past behavior obviously provides valuable insight into your present or future behavior, unless some kind of meaningful experience causes you to think differently. Digging deep inside yourself will allow you to be more comfortable with yourself which boosts your self-esteem and self-belief leading to self-confidence to shoot for your goals.

How would you rate your goal-setting techniques and overall strategy to achieve your life's goals.

Strong Bones

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Self-motivation stems from your inner drive. Something powerful inside you causes you to act because you have determined you really want to achieve a particular goal. These internal motivating factors serve as the backbone for your internal drive. If you have real self-belief internally, then external pressures are less likely to prevent you reaching your goals. Every house needs a strong bones, solid foundation, let your inner drive to succeed become your bedrock. Just like a strong house which can weather a harsh storm, you must be motivated enough to overcome any challenges that come your way in our unpredictable universe. Don’t fear the unpredictability, accept the challenge, it will not only get your blood pumping as you discover what you are truly made of, but it will convey a deeper meaning to life. Don’t define fear like everyone else does in the world, change its meaning for you, let it be your mind asking for more information and knowledge for reassurance. Conquer fear and you conquer your life.

How strong is your mental foundation to accomplish your goals.

Youthful Exuberance

Tuesday, January 24. 2012

Overcoming fear is usually the hardest challenge of all. Just remember your early formative years as a child. Remember how you naturally craved new ventures, new toys, new places. Regain those daring spirits to circulate blood around your system. Human beings evolved because our ancestors dared to cross new frontiers. Return to the zeal of your exuberant youth to take the next step forward. Rest assured you already have experience with what endeavor you wish to undertake. You did it as a child automatically, you have the capabilities within you to do it again. Take complete hold of your life and take action, don’t allow fear to hold you back. Don’t let failure to act haunt you for years to come. Imagine all the people that have come and gone in our amazing universe who didn’t seek to discover what unique message the universe had for them. You don’t need to live the life on terms determined by others. Take action now and gain some valuable experience.

What can you do today with the courage and exuberance of your youth.