Brain power

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Sales is a challenging industry because you have to consistently perform. If you fall into a slump, sometimes management forgets all about your past glory days of success, it becomes of what have you done lately. The organization has its own operating budget it has to meet, it can’t stop that on account of what you used to bring in. Whether you like it or not, application to your craft is an everyday activity. The likes of Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan before him still apply themselves even when seemingly at the top of their game. They realize the value of application; They appreciate the challenge of always striving to get better and better. That mindset increases the capacity for success. The human potential for success is not written anywhere, it is limitless. The irony of the matter is that most sales reps think application takes too much time and hard work when in fact, application to your craft makes your life easier and adds more quality time. Application will eliminate the constant stress and worry sales reps must contend with. Use the incredible power of your brain to apply yourself fully!

If you could apply your brain power by 5% more, what could it mean?


Monday, February 27, 2012

Are you dedicated to being the best sales rep in your target niche. Does that sound too far-fetched to you or perhaps too impossible? Does ‘most dedicated’ necessarily mean richest or most successful, possibly not, but nothing can stop you from going as far as you desire to go, only yourself therefore only your mindset can stop you. As a sales rep, your dedication will pay off eventually, it won’t go unnoticed as long as you are taking measurable steps and performing the right practices. Research and find what your target industry needs. Find solutions for problems that prevent your target decision-makers from enjoying their positions to the fullest. Everybody wants to enjoy their jobs more, your prospect companies are no different. If you can incorporate a little fun along the way for them as well, then you are really winning. Dedication goes beyond just offering a little advice here and there from an industry news piece, but taking the time to connect some dots for them that involves multiple parts. Explore the numerous options possible to prove your dedication to your target niche, it will surely be well worth it. Strive to be the MDR - Most dedicated Rep in your niche.

What’s it going to take to make you want to be the most dedicated rep in your niche?

Measure Persistence

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Sales reps should gain momentum whenever things don’t go their way. Chances are when the going gets tough for other reps, they will give up. As Dr. Martin Luther King alluded to, the measure of a man is not when things are going perfect, but it’s in adversity, that you can discover what you are truly made of. Persistence builds resistance. Mental resistance has been responsible for breakthrough discoveries throughout mankind. Test yourself to the fullest, see what you are mad of. Look around at nature, which species show persistence to weather the storm and get through harsh climate to thrive. You have a human brain inside you that was made to be persistent, designed to keep searching for solutions and opportunities for you, all you have to do is engage it to work for you. What more could you ask for, a persistent brain to keep pushing for success for you, it’s well aware of the rewarding feelings you will have when you achieve success, but you must let it know how much it means to you and how persistent you are willing to be.

Have you engaged your persistent mind?

Turn on radar

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The sales brain has a tendency to become lazy. It will furnish you with all type of reasons why you can’t apply yourself to the fullest, it may even make sense to you sometimes. Challenge your mind to be the very best sales rep you can be. You are not likely to get there without full commitment. You have to be willing to go the proverbial extra mile, it’s not so much whether you rise early, but the quality of what you do with your time. The great news is that free resources exist everywhere that can supply you with information on auto-pilot. As a sales rep, you should apply yourself and turn on your radar to seek out information. Information leads to more knowledge which you must translate into a powerful weapon for action. In applying yourself to seek out information, you build new connections in your brain which increases your capacity to transform those ideas into workable solutions for your prospects and clients.

Turn on your radar and seek out valuable information that can service your clients.

Above and beyond

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Sales reps should dedicate themselves to helping their clients succeed first and foremost. You will reap enormous benefits by dedicating yourself to servicing your clients above and beyond. The good news is that only a small minority of sales reps are willing or committed to serving their clients above and beyond. You will immediately set yourself apart and stand out. Prospects can tell who is dedicated and who only cares about themselves, unfortunately some reps make it painfully obvious. It’s part of the reason why sales reps get a bad name, distinguish yourself as somebody who cares and is dedicated to presenting solutions that address concerns and solve issues. Dedication means working to ensure all your client’s issues are addressed, it means not avoiding phone calls, but taking the responsibility to find the necessary time to service your clients. Dedicate your mind to be recognized as the most dedicated sales rep within your niche where even other sales reps will seek you out for your expertise.

How do you measure your dedication to your clients above and beyond?

Persistence defeats resistance

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Sales reps need to not just have thick skin, they need persistence. Challenge yourself to hang in there even when prospects don’t give you the time of day. That’s why they are the prospects. You yourself wouldn’t usually make instant buying decisions; you would take your time and likely evaluate all possible options, then make an informed decision. It’s hard for some reps to fathom, but your prospects simply don’t understand and believe in your product or solution the same way you do, how can they. Your competition is bombarding them with the same features and benefits just like you. What you can commit to on your end is hanging in there till you can win an opportunity to make your case. If the prospect sees that you have patience to connect with him at a time when he’s ready and receptive, you give yourself the best chance. Find a way to make measurable progress in your buying cycle, be valuable to your prospect and not pushy. Be the last one standing!

Evaluate how you yourself buy?


Wednesday, February 15, 2012

To attain consistent sales success, sales reps need to apply themselves to no end. The reward is it gets easier as you go along. The key is to apply yourself and hang in there till you get over the hump to where all the contacts and connections you made earlier begin to pay dividends. Commit yourself to excellence in your target niche, learn everything you can about it, talk to the movers and shakers in that area, pick their brains, they are usually only too happy to help. Go outside the box that most sales reps reside in. Develop a plan and strategy to stick with your task even if you don’t notice any measurable results straightaway, you are only dedicating a small portion of your time to this strategy. When you are recognized as an authority expert in a target niche, then business will come to you. Clients will only be too happy to refer others to you because you know what you are talking about outside just your company’s solutions. Apply yourself and learn the industry from your client’s point of view.

What application steps can you take to be a thought leader in your niche.


Tuesday, February 14, 2012

When you are trying to become a top sales producer, you have to maintain the basics such as concentrated effort, hard work and dedication. If you evaluate the top producers around you, most of them did not enjoy an easy ride to the top, they worked harder, smarter and longer than their peers. There’s nothing stopping you from reaching the same heights, only your mindset. They are human beings just like you who found a way to get to the top of their craft. It’s the same motivation and dedication an athlete applies to get to the top of his sport or a classical musician to reach Carnegie Hall. Talent for your craft only takes you so far, human beings are exceptionally talented, you can see that evidence everywhere, however motivation and dedication is what separates the best from the rest. Top producers start out with the result in mind, they know they can and will make it despite any obstacles that appear in their way whether anticipated or out of nowhere. Commit your mind to be a top producer and you’ve already taken a major step.

What have you dedicated yourself to most in your life up till date?

Improve quality

Monday, February 13, 2012

Taking action is the best of all possible worlds. If your strategy works, great, you improve it and keep on doing it. You want to always get better and better as you go along. If your strategy fails, you get valuable experience and try again. A majority of sales reps begin their positions and repeat the same process day in day out for months and even years. In the meantime, brain cells have died from the constant repetitiveness. The brain needs stimulation. It needs to keep learning and trying new things on a regular basis to be its most effective. Sometimes when you repeat the same process over and over, it limits your ability to analyze new and more pertinent data that can assist you. Embrace taking action, not just as useful strategy to benefit your position, but critical action to add value to your quality of thought. Improving that quality of thought will translate into success and life’s happiness. If you become happy at work, you will likely become happier in life. Your work doesn’t have to be your life, but life can certainly become work. Take the right action to build consistent success.

What important role can experience play after you take action?


The power of ingenuity expands the status quo way of thinking. As a sales rep, you have to always stay on your toes. The pace of modern day society transforms lives and industries seemingly overnight. If you are not using ingenuity, believe you me, someone somewhere is. The process of ingenuity means you are thinking for yourself. That is something crucial you can’t afford to outsource to anybody else. You have the power inside you to become consistently successful in your sales position despite the condition of the economy. The brain is the best employee, you can hope for, task your subconscious mind to go to work for you around the clock, it only gives up hope if you do. Imagine all the breakthrough discoveries of modern day science and contrast that with advancements of knowledge made by people of yester year with no modern tools at their disposal, now tell me you can’t go out and use the same tool that they used, the same tool that has shaped mankind since its early days, the mind. Believe in yourself and Engage the sales mind to think ingeniously.

How can you think ingeniously today?