Courage of life

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The universe rewards courage, people admire it to no end. Courage in a sales environment could open up doors in other arenas. If you ask many people, they simply couldn’t deal with rejection and uncertainty on a daily basis. So why doesn’t the media and society treat sales reps as super heroes. Indeed some are, entrepreneurs like Gates, Buffet and Steve Jobs are great sales people, just that the people didn’t know they were being sold. These men have the courage to take risk and in some cases like Jobs, it backfired horribly, but he rebounded, that’s the key. Gates and Buffet could easily rest on their laurels, but they still have the urge to take risk and sometimes fail too. Some people would say a life without courage or taking risk may not be life at all. To each their own. Courage does get the heart and blood pumping. Courage to face the fear of the unknown is what separates the top producers from the rest. The best sales reps embrace the unknown whilst others avoid it.

State a courageous action step you can take right now, immediately.

No blueprint

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The great Leonardo da Vinci said that people of accomplishment rarely sat back and let things happen to them, they instead went out and happened to things. Nothing could be closer to the truth. Taking action sometimes has no blueprint drawn up. After all, when you first learned to walk, you had never done it before, perhaps in a previous life. As a baby, you had no blueprint to follow, you just tried and tried to walk, eventually you succeeded. Take the same mindset and just make things happen. Some sales reps and organizations alike spend considerable time thinking and planning, the ole paralysis by analysis syndrome, when sometimes all it takes is a little action to get the ball rolling. Just because you take some action, it doesn’t mean the research and planning stops, it just changes focus a little. The important step is just taking the action, run the play and see what happens, then head back to the analysis table. The sales world belongs to those that take action. Stumble, fall or fail, take action.

Do you require an exact blueprint for everything you attempt?

Forward think

Monday, February 6, 2012

Sales evolution provides an opportunity to the adept sales rep. Most decision makers are often not aware of new companies or new technologies that can make their lives easier. Even if they are involved in the technology space, it doesn’t mean they have time to stay abreast of every innovative solution taking place. It behooves the sales rep to spend a few minutes each day assessing how certain solutions can make their prospects’ lives easier. This is much easier if you break down your prospects by industry. Keep your ears on the ground and observe some key indicators. Be aware of who the innovative companies are in each niche, discover what they are doing differently and offer well-researched analysis to your prospects in a consultant mode. Discover ingenuity in selling by offering so much value up front that your prospects would have to be crazy not to do business with you. Be willing to work hard and smart and come up with ideas that show you are the most forward thinking sales rep in your chosen niche.

What is the best way to translate forward thinking in a way the prospect identifies?

Laugh at rejection

Thursday, February 2, 2012

The more courage you can muster up, the more fear you can defeat. As a sales rep for your organization, the responsibility falls upon you to be the courageous one. It such be an honor to be a sales rep, despite any stigmas attached to the sales word in certain circles. Organizations would just be decorative pieces if sales were not made. You have heard the phrase ‘nothing happens till a sale is made.’ People can complain for days on end about the practices of sales people, but they need you. They need your courage, most people don’t have what it takes to be on the front lines of sales every day. Most would settle for the predictable 9 to 5 comfort zone and security. As a sales rep, you determine your income, you possess the courage to push beyond your comfort zone. To keep your courage up as much as possible, just laugh when people try to discourage you or seek to reject you harshly to make themselves feel better I imagine. You don’t need the business of people who fail to even act civil towards other human beings. Don’t flinch, keep it moving.

Laugh whenever anything or anybody tries to discourage you from your goals.

Slow your roll

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Finding the right strategies to execute is paramount. Sales reps must be aware like military commanders and learn to think and adapt on the fly. Focus on execution is a first step, what happens next is even more important. Uncovering the correct factors that lead to either success or failure is critical. Too often, sales reps may work up the courage to finally try something new, but give up much too soon without allowing enough opportunity to see measurable results of success. In an ideal world, our strategies would produce results immediately. However, it doesn’t always work that way especially in sales. It takes time and patience, you just need to track that you are indeed making measurable progress. Pre-planning and laying down an adequate time frame for results goes a long way. Remember the way your organizations receive new information always varies, you need to be aware of your prospect company’s buying cycles. It’s smart strategy to pursue accounts within tiers, there’s no rush, lay a solid foundation and platform to launch other tactics.

Take new meaningful action, but have patience to allow it time to work.

Power of Ingenuity

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Sales reps need to take full advantage of the a most powerful resource, their brain. The human brain is still more powerful than any super computer in the year 2012, that says a great deal. The power of ingenuity goes largely untapped by many reps across many industries. Ingenuity takes courage to believe you have it inside you. Others have done it, why not you, are they in possession of some magic potion that needs to be sprinkled on you before you believe it yourself. Before ingenuity invades your mind, you need to be open and full of self-belief. It’s hard to let ideas penetrate you if you don’t task your mind into action. If you lack self-belief and self-confidence, then ingenuity will knock on someone else’s doors. You are perfectly capable of using your mind to think up something inventive that can benefit you in your position. Something clever that can command attention from your prospect companies to find out more. You have billions of neurons in your brain waiting to execute your commands, when stimulated, you can even triple that figure.

How can you introduce more ingenuity in your sales position.

Have Courage

Monday, January 30, 2012

Aristotle classified virtue as the first and most important since it made all other virtues possible. Sales requires remarkable courage to pick yourself up over and over again after repeated rejection. It requires even more courage to find meaning in the rejection, not to take it personal for any reason and take some experience away from reversing the negative charge into a positive one. Sales and innovation both require incredible courage, without it there would be no potency or action. Human beings since the beginning of recorded time have had the courage to overcome insurmountable odds to continue existence, one only has to look at harsh survival chances in earlier days before technology arrived. Consider the Black Death that wiped out half of Europe’s population, through all the trials and tribulations, humans persist to live on. Now is it really that challenging to go out there and be brave making things happen for yourself and your organization. You have a limitless supply of courage within you, tap into it and initiate sales strategies that lead to consistent success.

What role does courage play in your life and how can you use it to develop new sales strategies.

Deliver results

Thursday, January 26, 2012

The modern day sales cycle is a process. Ultimately it comes down to results. Just like an athlete has to deliver through his or her performance, the same holds true for the sales rep. Practice, dedication and application to the craft will pay dividends provided that it’s the correct activities. Have you determined which activities yield the best measurable results. How can you do more of your more favorite activities that drive results. When you are not seeing immediate results, do you possess the tenacity to keep pushing forward with the same passion and intensity. Engage your mind and create a sales activity playbook to track not only your results, but communicate the level of passion and enthusiasm in those activities. Device a method to reassure your mind about the future results and benefits derived from your actions even if it’s not noticeable in present mode. What activities can you perform will always boost your mood regardless of what kind of pressure you are under. Put a system of favorite activities in place that will always bring a smile and enthusiasm to lift your spirits.

How do you focus your mind on delivering consistent results.

Infectious enthusiasm

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Are you excited by what you sell. Are you emotionally moved to influence the way your customer does business or is it just the commission. Your prospects know if you really care about servicing them or whether you are just in it for the money. What are you doing to show your prospects that your solution not only solves a problem, but gives them a competitive advantage. How do you position your solution over the others in the marketplace. Before you can stir up emotions in the minds of decision makers, you need to do it yourself, enthusiasm can be felt, it becomes contagious. Genuine enthusiasm needs to be heartfelt even from the first point of contact. It takes more prospecting calls to secure appointments nowadays therefore you need to also take action to build enthusiasm in other circles to attract business to you. Build your enthusiasm by constantly searching for ways to add new knowledge in your area of expertise. Be curious and scout for ways to add value to your target niche.

How enthusiastic are you to communicate your value.


Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Sales is not an exact science, thankfully so, it does leave plenty of room for art and individual flair to shine through. You have to imagine that you are indeed not the only ball game in town, there is competition everywhere and from all sides. With the slowdown in the economy, prospect companies are doing more research and evaluating all possible options before advancing the sales cycle. Best activity practice entails following certain traits that have a track record of success in addition to using your brain power to uncover new methods that suit your skill sets. Imagine the shoe was on the other foot and you were the decision maker, what would you like to see, what would differentiate one rep from the other. Significant research data shows most reps approach their prospecting and other account activities solely from their point of view, why not, that’s mostly how the entire world operates in most occupations. This is where thinking and acting differently will set you apart in a highly competitive marketplace.

How are you thinking differently from other sales reps in your industry.