Make a connection

Monday, January 23, 2012

Working in a sales environment entails you relish the challenge of pushing yourself to meet your goals. Part of meeting your monthly or quarterly objectives means taking steps every day to ensure you are performing the right activities for success. Have you found a connection between the organizational goals and your personal goals. It’s much easier to reach your goals if you have a clear and big picture vision. You want to be in a situation where you get positive energy and your creative juices pushing you to success. If you can’t find a way to enjoy your sales position, then you are certainly doing it the hard way. Finding passion in your position will provide the enthusiasm and confidence you need. Do you have goals of being the top producer in your organization or for promotion to senior sales positions. Do you have both short-term and long-term goals. How do you measure your performance outside of your company’s requirement criteria.

Find a connection between your personal and career goals that your mind can focus positive energy on.

Make it personal

Thursday, January 19, 2012

If you observe the world around you, everything happened as a result of someone’s goals or perhaps the universal goals for nature and existence. The screen you are staring out now, the chair you are sitting on, the clothes you are wearing. The things we take for granted every day at some point in time were just mere visions, dreams or hopes in somebody’s mind. Something happened that enabled them to turn those goals into reality. Part of achieving your goals is simply observation then taking action. You see others have achieved their goals, why not you. Human beings were born to be goal achievers, so why not you. Society expected you to achieve personal goals like kindergarten, elementary school and secondary schooling and advanced education if you were fortunate enough. In most cases, most people go along with these goals because we of course put so much trust in our parents and the system as a whole. What if you were to break down your personal goal setting in the same manner, basic goals to intermediate ones then advanced ones. Sales reps would be more effective achieving their monthly goals if they also learn to accomplish their personal goals consistently.

Do you track your personal goals regularly.

Score goals

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Sales reps have to continuously make goals, it must become second nature. They even have to make goals in their sleep, literally! Making goals plays a considerable role in achieving success in life. You have been making goals all your life whether you knew it or automatically. From being a fetus inside your mother’s womb, you had goals both the doctor and your mother expected you to attain whether at the 3 month stage or the 6 month stage and so on. The same applied when you learned to crawl, walk and ride a bike. You attained these goals automatically because it was expected of you, by your parents and society of course. You observed those around performing these goals so you knew they were obtainable, so you just kept trying till you hopefully enjoyed success. Even though you don’t remember now, you experienced failure time and time again, but you kept going till you succeeded. So your automatic mindset programmed you to let you know that failure was not an option and unless you wanted your parents to carry you everywhere for life, you knew you had to reach these goals. You must adopt the same failure-is-not-an-option mindset to achieve both your personal and career goals. If you get in the habit of achieving personal goals, it can easily transfer to your sales goals.

What goals are you going to make today?

When do you plan to score them?

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