Monday, August 20, 2012

Human beings possess the power to harness their MVP, the most valuable partner, positive energy. Positive energy presents the key to lasting success and sustained performance over a lifetime. Self-belief again plays a critical role. You must believe in the power of positive energy to help you get to where you want to go. Learn to encourage those around you, it helps build exceptional character and positive spirit. Far too many people in all circles, high and low live in a negative world of me, me, me. Positive energy renews your mind, body and spirit. It rejuvenates you and supplies you with valuable power, you need it, so many forces are out there in the world already trying to work against you. Surely you don’t want to create extra obstacles for yourself! Believe that the positive energy of the universe can flow through you to power you to the life that your dreams are made of.

Have you made positive energy your MVP?

Payment of passion

Monday, August 6, 2012

Life is meant for enjoyment. Look around at the world, does it really make sense that only about 80% have discovered their true passion in all the world. Should the quest for passion and true desire be so elusive! It sounds simple enough right, just do what you enjoy doing. But what about paying the bills and all that responsibility right? Well what about it! Think to yourself, how can I make my passion pay me in the universal currency of dollars? In other words how can I monetize my passion? Just changing the way you think will be a huge step in the right direction. What if instead of being advised to just get a job in life, you were told to find your passion and make it pay. Your mind would undoubtedly think differently. If your mind thinks differently then your mindset would be different obviously. It’s highly likely if you think differently, you get different results. It may actually be possible for your mind to lead you down your desired path, that is you really discover a path to monetize your passion.

Research how you can monetize your passion.

Passion of desire

Monday, July 23, 2012

What is your passion in life? How you found it yet? Are you like the wind, just blowing from place to place. If somebody asked you point blank, what would you do in life if money wasn’t an issue, can you answer directly and affirmatively. If you can’t, don’t worry, you are certainly not alone. 80% of the world are not leading a life according to their passion or desire. What is the definition of passion? In some places it’s considered a fruit. It is the fruit of life that can power you to achieve whatever you set your heart and mind on. Passion is emotion. Passion is energy. Passion is infinite. Just think you possess the power within you to fuel your drive to the life you desire. So many people look for answers to life’s questions outside of themselves, but the true answer rests within. The force within you is a most powerful ally once you tap into it.

What would you have passion to do for completely free?

The drive of desire

Monday, July 9, 2012

Desire fuels your internal drive to success. If you convince yourself that you will let nothing get in your way, then you will set in stone the mindset that can absorb any pressure like a sponge. Desire propels you to keep going strong even on the days you might not feel your best. Are you living life by somebody else’s rules or are you living it completely on your terms? If you are living it on your terms, congratulate yourself, you are truly in the minority. Do you look forward to the dawn of each day with excitement about what the day will bring. Or do you dread the sound of the alarm clock? Perhaps you may think it’s too late to live your desirable life, that you have too many obligations in life, family responsibilities, mortgage, credit card bills etc. If that’s the case, then it’s even more imperative that you find your true desire in life. Finding lady or sir desire will transform your life. It will make you even more capable of taking care of your day to day responsibilities. It will give you more life.

What do you desire most in your life?

Right path

Monday, June 25, 2012

The universe has blessed human beings with amazing powers. You can harness that power to attract success in your profession in addition to your personal life. If you can develop success in one area, you can easily transfer it into another arena. Everybody has enjoyed success at some point in their lives whether in their schooling days, in jobs or sports, drama or whatever extra-curricular activities. No matter what stage in your career you are currently in or what you may be experiencing with the shape of the economy at large. You have the power to execute the same parameters for success that worked in the past and apply it to your life right now. The average person spends considerable amount of time in their profession, whether at work or at home, they are impacted by their on-the-job fulfillment. So why not adopt the same universal power that brought you success in the past to your current situation. It takes some creative thinking, research and application with practical cross-referencing which stimulates your brain into action, that what it lives for, stimulation. Give your brain what it craves, stimulation to guide you down your right path of success.

Have you discovered your right path, do you find your career situation stimulating?

Last longer

Friday, June 1, 2012

It’s common practice for people to use self-help and personal improvement materials, the entire industry makes billions of dollars. It makes sense that people would always want to better themselves. It’s widely accepted that it usually works, but its results are short-lived and not sustained for a long period. It makes sense that emotions get stirred up in the moment, people become energized and rejuvenated, thus inspired they put forth their very best efforts for a few weeks. However gradually over time, the positive effects wear off. Most likely people enter back into the usual daily routine simply revert back to their old ways and old mindset as if the personal improvement experience never took place at all. To make external sources of inspiration last longer for personal development, people themselves must understand the dynamics of how the human body works in respect to emotions. You must be in touch with your own emotions and understand how your body communicates to you through action.

What factors could help your external sources of inspiration last longer?

Enemy within

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The inspirational force inside can serve to protect you from all the sources of negative energy that seek to weaken you and rob you of your valuable power. When people become weak, they become malleable to negative thinking and defeatist principles. The inspirational voice driving you from inside must silence any automatic negative thoughts immediately. Negativity permeates some people without them even knowing its drastic consequences. The primary reason is that in a seemingly negative world at times, people dwell far too much on failure or any sort of rejection, therefore the brain tries to protect them from going through the same experience of disappointment so it avoids putting them in situations in which they may experience failure or let-down again. So to protect them, it influences them to avoid doing things that they need to undertake to be successful. It’s the reason for the saying that some people can be their own worst enemy by their negative thinking. Therefore self-awareness is critical, fully comprehending the urgency to stay positive even in a negative environment.

Who is winning your battle within, the positive voices or the negative ones?

Infinite universe

Monday, May 21, 2012

You must always keep an open mind in your journey through life. The universe presents more opportunities for success than you can ever dream of. You desire to be successful in your goals, look around you and discover not only how others have done it, but find that unique universal thumb print that you possess. The universe made you different from everybody else in the world, so why not use that difference to give you a significant advantage. The universe itself is inspirational, just imagine all the other planets out there, you happen to be on Earth where there’s visible life you can see and interact with. Chances are that a considerable number of successful people have found their universal gift to give them a distinct advantage. They have found what stimulates them, what gives them excitement, an avenue they are highly passionate about. Something others may consider work, but they find completely easy. Some just happen to get lucky as well, that is still possible in our amazing world. Get luck on your side by discovering what the universe has in store for you. How can the infinite universe inspire you to be all you truly can be?

How would you describe how the infinite universe works to a child?

External sources

Monday, May 7, 2012

External forces can influence you to do whatever it takes to succeed. Anyone could be inspired to provide a better life for themselves and their family. Inspiration is instrumental since it involves other people or other factors. Therefore if you fail to accomplish your goals, you are not only letting yourself down, you may be letting others down. In times when you may be running low on enthusiasm, it helps and can make an impactful difference if you can see a picture or recall the people who inspired you in the first place. Sometimes in your battle to be successful, you become self-centered, which is not necessarily a negative thing since you have to brace yourself for battle on a daily basis, however you must recall it’s not just about you, there’s more in the picture. Knowing that can give you added strength when you need it most. Leveraging external sources of inspiration functions like having worthy teammates in sports. Life is sometimes a team sport.

How can you leverage external sources of inspiration?

Express yourself

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Inspiration serves as a driving force pushing us to aspire to do our very best. To achieve your goals and success in life on terms you dictate, make full use of the inspirational force within you. The power within carries an unbelievable spirit that can literally move mountains, one has to believe they possess it. You’ve heard people talk about it, you’ve read it in books, you know it can’t be some kind of conspiracy. You’ve witnessed evidence of humans achieving the incredible. Why them and not you. Do you think the inspirational spirits only lie within them, that they somehow haven’t found you yet. Inspiration can affect your life, if you are open to it. People of all walks in life can be inspired to achieve notable success in their field in the same way an artist can be inspired by strong desire and emotions within. The artist expresses themselves on a canvass, you express yourself by achieving clarity and success in your pursuits. Search deep within you and find the inspirational force that can drive you to your desired destination.

How can you express yourself?