Two way street

Monday, April 16, 2012

Inspiration is a way of receiving from others. There are some that don’t like to give in this world, and on the end of the spectrum, there are others that don’t like to receive anything at all. They want to be independent at all costs. One ought to learn to give as well as receive. Most things in life work best with a temperate measure of moderation. It’s best to avoid extremes of positions in one way or another. Inspiration is truly a gift that money can’t buy. It could be the difference between pushing on in your journey through trial and tribulations. Living life on the terms you dictate means venturing down a life changing path, there are going to be moments just when you think you have everything figured out, then something comes totally out of the blue. You have to be willing to push on. What will inspire you to push on if this occurs, take time to consider these implications during your planning?

Are you inspiring those around you with your actions?

The language of inspiration

Thursday April 12, 2012

Inspiration is your mind’s ideal of beauty that may be hard to define in words, sometimes the picture or illusion transmitted through your senses says it all. Have you ever been overwhelmed by a piece of art almost like it was speaking directly to you. You could immediately grasp the message the painter was trying to convey. Perhaps it spoke to your emotions. The same effect may happen when you listen to a particular song, it moves you to want to take action of some sort. Is there some other sound that just seems so pleasing to your ear, it stirs up your emotions. Inspiration speaks to your soul. Inspiration compels you to do any task to completion so long as you stay inspired. It serves as a strong breeze that can carry you home. Inspiration will keep your blood vibrant pushing you to complete your goals. It goes beyond just doing it for you, it now associates whatever is inspiring you. Inspirational forces are usually positive energy forces that can carry momentum towards the life you desire.

What inspires you most about our amazing universe?

Inspirational universe

Monday, April 9, 2012

Inspiration can play a critical part in success just like motivation. The two could be closely related, cousins in a manner of speaking. Have you heard the call, the voice inside you that compels you to achieve your destiny. Inspiration has pushed inventors and scientists to achieve the greatest of feats. Inspiration is hard to define, it could mean so many different things to many people over the world. Of course what inspires one person may discourage another. Just like one could draw different meanings out of the same story. Look at the world around you, do you find it inspirational. Isn’t it the universe around you absolutely amazing. To think we haven’t even begun to explore the full range of possibilities. What about the universe inspires you? Inspiration can come from anything and everything and from everybody or anybody. It’s about paying attention to the world surrounding you. Some people hear the birds singing, others hear the city noise. The world of nature itself is an abundant source for inspiration high and low.

What inspires you right this very moment when you read about inspiration?

Never give up

Monday, March 26, 2012

Developing persistence is increasing your mental fortitude. Just as people go to the gym to build their muscles for peak performance, as an individual, you should desire to build your mental muscle. It’s going to take sweat and hard effort, sometimes the journey may seem unbearable, it just looks like everything goes against you, perhaps something you worked very hard on just falls through or you discover you can’t apply a certain plan or so, don’t let it affect you, that’s the unpredictable universe at work. As long as you are breathing, you must continue to fight on. Giving up must never be an option. Others have faced far greater seemingly insurmountable challenges than you are facing. The same doubts and indifference crossed their minds, it’s perfectly natural, you are a human being. What you do when you face doubt is what counts, front up to your challenges and overcome them, defeat them with persistence. Others have done it, you can too.

How do muscles develop through exerting pressure and lifting weights and what can the process teach you?

Application to your destination

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Achieving success in life is ever changing. The principles that worked yesterday may not work in tomorrow’s world. One must stay evolving, constantly adapting to the new environment like a species in nature that’s driven to not only survive, but thrive in an ever changing world. Whether you like it or not, application to your craft is an everyday activity. The likes of Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan before him still apply themselves even when seemingly at the top of their game. They realize the value of application, they appreciate the challenge of always striving to get better and better. That mindset increases the capacity for success. The human potential for success is not written anywhere, it is limitless. The irony of the matter is that most people think application takes too much time and hard work when in fact, applying yourself to your craft makes your life easier and adds more quality time. Application will improve the quality of your life. Use the incredible power of your brain to apply yourself fully!

Would staying static in a changing world be a good idea and research how species in nature learn to adapt.

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Invest your passion

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Are you dedicated to achieve excellence in your chosen field and aspire to be the very best. Does that sound too far-fetched to you or perhaps too impossible? Does ‘most dedicated’ necessarily mean richest or most successful, possibly not, but nothing can stop you from going as far as you desire to go, only yourself therefore only your mindset can stop you. As a human being, you possess superhero powers, your dedication will pay off through your sweat and application, it won’t go unnoticed as long as you take measurable steps and perform the right practices. Research your chosen target field and discover what it takes to succeed in it. Look at what the successful people are doing, then brainstorm and figure out ways to invest your unique talents and skills taking it up another level. You have a distinct advantage by applying your unique skills and passion, you have an infinite wealth of resources as opposed to others doing things merely for the money. Invest your passion, the return is limitless.

Are you capable of achieving what other human beings have achieved in your field and how can you increase your curiosity to learn more about the specific area of interest?

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Monday, March 12, 2012

On your journey to success, prepare for highs and lows, remember it’s more likely to be a marathon than a sprint. Learn to gain momentum whenever things don’t go your way. Chances are when the going gets tough, that’s when most people tend to give up. As Dr. Martin Luther King alluded to, the measure of a person is not when things are going perfect, but it’s in adversity, that you can discover what you are truly made of. Persistence builds resistance. Mental resistance has been responsible for breakthrough discoveries throughout mankind. Test yourself to the fullest, see what you are mad of. Look around at nature, which species show persistence to weather the storm and get through harsh climate to thrive. You have a human brain inside you that was made to be persistent, designed to keep searching for solutions and opportunities for you, all you have to do is engage it to work for you. What more could you ask for, a persistent brain to keep pushing for success for you, it’s well aware of the rewarding feelings you will have when you achieve success, but you must let it know how much it means to you and how persistent you are willing to be/

Is reaching your goals worth the persistence?

Apply and absorb

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The mind has a tendency to become lazy. It will furnish you with all type of reasons why you can’t apply yourself to the fullest, it may even make sense to you sometimes. Challenge your mind to be the very best individual you can be. You are not likely to get to where you desire without total commitment. You have to be willing to go the proverbial extra mile, it’s not so much whether you rise early, but the quality of what you do with your time. The great news is that free resources exist everywhere that can supply you with information on auto-pilot. As you embark on your life’s quest, you should apply yourself to seek out information. Information leads to more knowledge which you can translate into a powerful weapon for action. In applying yourself to seek out information, you build new connections in your brain which increases your capacity to transform those ideas into workable solutions that bring you results. Get in the habit of making goals and deriving results, it’s remarkable training for your mind.

Is accomplishing your life’s goals worth every iota of application in your body?

Commit your mind

Monday, March 5, 2012

If you evaluate the highly successful self-made people around the world, most of them did not enjoy an easy ride to the top, they worked harder, smarter and longer than their peers. There’s nothing stopping you from reaching the same heights, only your mindset. They are human beings just like you who found a way to get to the top of their craft. It’s the same motivation and dedication an athlete applies to get to the top of his sport or a classical musician to reach Carnegie Hall. Talent for your craft only takes you so far, human beings are exceptionally talented, you can see that evidence everywhere, however motivation and dedication is what separates the best from the rest. Highly successful people start out with the result in mind, they know they can and will make it despite any obstacles that appear in their way whether anticipated or out of nowhere. Commit your mind to reach your goal regardless of any obstacles along the way and you’ve already taken a major step.

What can you commit your mind to accomplish right now and today?

Reverse the force

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Use failure to give you more momentum and energy. Take it personal, the unpredictable universe is testing your mettle. Are you going to behave like so many when things don’t go their way and give up? Or are you going to push yourself to the limit? What are you made of inside? Self-belief is what separates the champions from the contenders. Many say they will, but won’t. Many think they can, but they can’t. Not because they are not able, human beings are capable of achieving wonders, but because they lack what it takes inside to persevere. Most people allow failure to knock them off balance. They allow it to knock their self-confidence which affects their energy and enthusiasm. Think and act differently from everybody else by gaining strength and power through the force field of failure. Reverse the force and transform it in your favor. Nobody says the path to success is easy. Observe all the inventions and scientific discoveries that make our lives easier, what if those inventors had allowed failure to affect their self-belief? What if they quit because the journey became too tough? Thankfully they maintained their courage to push onwards, you have the power to the same.

What invention do we have now are you glad that the inventor didn’t quit after failure to bring it to us?