Laugh at failure

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Failure is an opportunity to give the mind more information. Become the principal of your mind university also known as life university. Embrace failure, think of it differently than what people normally do. It pays to be in the minority sometimes. In fact, go even further and laugh every time you experience a setback or failure. Laughing gives you authority. It puts you firmly in command of your own destiny. You are not going to let failure prevent you from reaching your goals. Make a sport out of failure, keep your own stats and make sure you are learning from every situation. Failure just eliminates options from your plans. Develop the mindset of a baseball player who strikes out repeatedly or a basketball player who misses a fair amount of shots. Failure simply means welcome to an unpredictable universe, even the best laid plans can go awry as the saying goes. Unshakeable Self-belief and strong will power allows you to turn negatives into a positives.

Should one be happy if they fail, what could be the advantages?

No means yes

Monday, February 27, 2012

If you have self-belief you can accomplish a task then you can find the motivation to take you to success. The first rule is never let another human being tell you that you can’t do anything. While you are at it, never let any Gods or space creatures tell you that either. Self-belief is you knowing deep down nothing can stop from accomplishing what you desire in life. It may not come easy. It may not just be a battle waged against nay-sayers and dream stealers, the biggest task might be overcoming the negative voice within. The invisible enemy presents the toughest hurdle. It’s such a powerful force that can convince you that you are doing the right thing. Like a star lawyer inside you, it defeats whatever suggestions you propose. It’s important that you graduate into the school of hard knocks. Overcoming inner resistance must turn into habit. Fight the good fight within you so any other circumstances that come up later on will be like child’s play. If you can convince your own mind, you can achieve anything because failure is not an option.

Have you ever been motivated to achieve something, then somehow your mind talked you out of it?

Risk calculator = take action.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

If you were a fear doctor, what would be your prescription for overcoming fear? Don’t laugh at the idea, it could well be a very promising profession, just because you haven’t heard of it before, doesn’t mean it can’t exist. As a fear doctor, would you prescribe courage as the number one cure to combat fear? How could you reassure them that human beings were designed to be courageous, but something went wrong along the way. How could you explain how we live in a society where those that are willing to have courage achieve more than others, not necessarily because they are better than anybody else; But because they have courage of their conviction to take action. Fear is just your brain asking for more information, seeking reassurance that you won’t damage yourself in some way. So do whatever it takes to research and calm yourself, perform the calculation necessary to take calculated risk. Take out your risk calculator and plug in the required inputs to calm your mind, the world never comes to an end when we take risks, it continues and it will for you too. Hellen Keller said it best, ‘security is mostly superstition, that life is either daring or nothing.’

Why is it so many people don’t realize their potential until they face a life or death situation?

Conquer fear

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Why does risk make people come alive? Has it reached the point that we all live such a mediocre and normal existence that any kind of risk rushes blood through our veins like crazy. People describe the rush that takes place as if it propelled them to a different galaxy. Could it mean they finally discover the power of their brain to actually deal with risk once they try. The trick is knowing how to talk your mind into it, of course, it’s going to try and talk you out of it as much as possible, persuading you to air on the side of caution. It’s not your mind’s fault, just the way it’s been conditioned over your upbringing and living in modern day society. It’s ironic that your brain would dissuade you from something that takes its performance to a whole new level. Believe you me, once you conquer fear and take action, you will discover a life you never knew existed; You will unearth the superpowers granted to human beings by the universe. Do what you must do to combat your fear, like going into a deep pool, proceed cautiously at your pace, making progress step by step till confidence takes over.

How can you use your passion in one area to combat fear in your endeavor?

Plan B and C

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Breakdown your action plan into baby steps that you can immediately execute. You can be patient in waiting for your overall plan to develop gradually, but plan on taking some basic steps. Even if you can only allocate a few minutes each day, take some measurable action. Waiting around too long before starting will cause more anxiety and apprehension making taking action even harder, so just do something and get going on your way to happiness. Look around at everything around you, at some point in time, it was just a thought or a dream in someone’s mind before they formulated a plan to bring it to reality. Look at the big picture of where you wish to get to, but don’t get overwhelmed at the enormity of the task, you have time on your side, carefully plot out the best course of action that will maximize all available resources at your disposal. Develop a major plan, but have a plan B and plan C as well. Taking the time to develop alternate strategies will make your initial plan even stronger. In our unpredictable universe, even the best plans may fail, prepare alternative strategies at the onset while you still have a calm and composed mind, not later when you may be under severe stress should things not go according to plan.

State a time you made the best possible plans, but something still failed.

Planet Fear

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Imagine if all the species in this world didn’t have fear instilled in their brain, in other words our planet wasn’t such a harsh place where fear is just a matter of fact, how would babies grow up differently. Therefore parents would have no need to frighten their kids over anything. They would be able to roam free without danger or a care in the world. Sounds too far-fetched and outrageous right, well consider the converse of that or shall I say the status quo, where fear is transferred automatically from parents to kids. If fear takes over in one area, it can so easily become a way of life across every single facet of an individual’s life. Everybody has a common goal for self-preservation on some kind of level, even the daredevils among us. It’s acceptable to have fear of what may injure you, however people would be better served fearing bodily injury only. Emotional injury or fear of failure in ventures that can bring you happiness should be welcomed, people can find new meaning in life through adversity and experience.

How would you advice a teenager too frightened to fail because of what their friends may think?

Beyond your comfort zone

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

If we lived in a world of absolute guarantees, would everybody take risks knowing they would be covered in the event of failure or loss. Some people would probably still find a reason not to take action, it’s just human nature. People love to seek the security in comfort when they should be thinking differently. The superpower inside them, their brains operates in a different mode, it craves risk and adventure. It thrives when you push yourself beyond your comfort zone. You lose brain cells sitting around trying to feel safe all day long. Nobody is encouraging you to gamble or take needless risk, however get accustomed to the idea of taking calculated risk. Life is risk, existence itself is risk, who knows what universal force could hit and affect mankind as we know it. The absolute truth is that humanity got this far as a result of the human beings who take calculated risk. Great people who challenged the status quo and sought to find out answers for themselves, if some had their way, society may still be sitting around thinking the world was flat.

No matter how perfect everything is, can one always find a good excuse not to do something?

Dream big and act big

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

An essential component of your planning is allocating sufficient time in your schedule to do whatever’s necessary to accomplish your goals. List whatever personal, career or educational goals you would like to achieve. Dream big and think big, it’s what your brain is for. However you can have all the big dreams and goals in your mind in the abstract, but it’s going to take setting measurable action steps to fulfill them. You need to devise a no-nonsense plan that holds you accountable. Develop a timeline that allows for more than enough time depending on your schedule. Embrace time to be on your side. Patience is a critical component of any plan, especially if you are venturing down unchartered waters, give yourself enough time to get acclimated to your new surroundings. The financial component of your plan is critical. This is where most people faulter, they fail to save up enough money to account for emergencies. You should consider savings that can sustain you for 3 to 6 months in addition to strategizing additional supplemental income. No matter how well you plan, you are going to discover new methods to incorporate into your plan, sometimes it will cost money to make money, plan accordingly

Is planning big the same process as planning small?

Get back on the bike

Monday, February 13, 2012

Learning to think differently about fear could be life changing. Accept that fear is simply built into the human condition as a result of our upbringing, the educational system and society as a whole. Absorb the negative energy of fear and transform it into the positive energy of thrill and challenge. You showed automatic courage as a youngster to overcome fear and hop on a bike. There was always risk of you being injured especially given the way some people drive. However you automatically transformed that fear into hope. You saw people doing it around you. You wanted to join in the fun with your friends. You thought If others could do it, why not you. Even if you fell off a few times, you summoned up the courage to get up and dust yourself off and get back on your bike. So as we age, what makes us lose these initial instincts that came so naturally when we were younger? At what point did we start letting fear dominate us and prevent us from taking risk towards the life of our dreams.

What steps can you take to overcome fear and take meaningful action?

Fear Factor

Thursday, February 9, 2012

It’s best to hold off till things improve. We’ve all heard that before. It’s just not a good idea to take risk now while the economy is in the tank. That’s exactly the time to jump in and take risk, when everybody is hiding under the covers of the bad economy. Truth is many will always find reasons not to take action even if all the stars became magically aligned. Is there ever a really perfect time, it’s human existence after all. Nobody is guaranteed tomorrow as far as we know, natural disasters nature made or man-made can strike from anywhere. Risk is everywhere. One must develop the mindset to handle and overcome fear. Human beings achieve incredible feats when they find ways to overcome fear. We may all still be sitting around twiddling our thumbs if people didn’t overcome fear and venture beyond their familiar surroundings. Of course, we all know about the world if flat fear that crippled prior civilizations from taking action to discover the world around them. Master your fear and take meaningful action.

Is it a competitive advantage for you to take action during an economic downturn?