Communicate the force behind your goals

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Making concrete plans that can bring you closer to your goals is only the first step. There’s no more relevant time than now with new year’s resolutions already in full force. Plans must become more than plans. They must become plans of action as soon as you make them. As every self-help and personal improvement source on the planet tells you, it makes a difference if you write them down. You should also go beyond just writing your goals down, convey the significance of what reaching those goals will mean to you. Communicate the feelings behind those goals. How will it change your life. How will reaching these goals improve the quality of your life. How might it affect your family and lifestyle in a meaningful way that appeals to your emotions. Taking note of your emotions at this time allows you improved clarity later on. Usually at the start of your goals, you feel empowered and super motivated, it’s beneficial to capture those feelings in case the road becomes tough or perhaps new emotions may come into play that supplant the original ones.

Communicate the force behind your goals.

Impossible is nothing

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

From a historical perspective, what we are witnessing in today’s economic climate worldwide is not new to the world. Economic booms don’t last forever, what goes up must eventually come down. The history of western civilizations experience upturns and downturns as a matter of fact, all on the record. Furthermore one could make the case that human behavior is usually pointed at greed or self-preservation which means get the most you can for yourself or your organization or your country on a macro scale. But does the world have to operate on a zero sum game basis, probably not. There could be instances where spirit of cooperation can exceed competition. Human beings have all the resources and power within them to evolve another phase. These economic cycles are no coincidence. Free access to information and widespread education can bring balance to the world. However since the chances are that the blind lead the blind in almost every level of society, it makes the task a difficult one. As long as human beings exist on this Earth, we are always capable of achieving the impossible because ‘impossible’ really means {I’m possible}

How can you help advance the thinking of your species?

Through your eyes

Monday, February 6, 2012

How did the likes of Mozart, Leonardo Da Vinci and Michelangelo achieve so much more than other human beings. Of course they possessed more natural talent than most, but imagine them growing up during their time, how could their educational system teach them? Talk about trying to fit round pegs in square holes. Could you picture Da Vinci and Michelangelo being self-taught and not waiting around for institutions to grant them PHDs or being confined to years of study when they could just go out and teach themselves. They understood the value of experimenting and experiencing for oneself. Life is better lived through one’s eyes, not some perception or interpretation from other’s point of view. It’s wise to absorb information from multiple sources provided they are as credible as possible, however learn to think for yourself, plug in the hypothesis, then derive your own conclusions. You have your own billions of neurons that you can spark that are perfectly capable of your own unique insight and interpretations factored in with your experience in the world.

How can you unleash your inner genius?

Universal Inspiration

Thursday, February 2, 2012

If inspiration can’t be taught, perhaps it could be thought. If people understood the history of human development, it may make a significant difference. In today’s world where money dictates everything, it’s no surprise that we simply suffer from a lack of universal inspiration in some circles. The scientists and inventors of the past were inspired to contribute their gifts to humanity and the universe, not simply to make money. Some of the breakthroughs of early inventors and scientists astound their modern counterparts because of their lack of resources at the time. However they possessed the crucial elements of passion and heart, once these two components combine, the results could be infinite. So what they lacked in modern technology, they more than made up for it three-fold. To be driven by money is likely just mere illusions. To be driven by passion and genuine enthusiasm to give back to your universe will propel one with an unbelievable force.

What are you driven to contribute to your universe.


Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Fast forward about 150 years from now, could you envision future generations utilizing special clinics for a mental workout, perhaps come in and get a scan and then a specific mental workout to address specific regions. Take a few moments to imagine what technologies we make full use of today that people a few hundred years ago didn’t even dream of. Is this likely to be the century of the brain, will new discoveries in neuroscience change the world. Well, we certainly hope so. There’s no doubt that things are continuously evolving whether it’s the technology of silent black and white movies to full color and blockbuster sound. Also the evolution of communications with the telegram, telephone to cell phone, radio to television to online streaming. The nature of the world is always advancing, shouldn’t human thinking also evolve. After all how many instances can modern human beings evaluate conclusions from their past counterparts only to prove them wrong. Each civilization does its best to work with the information available to them, just because something is considered fact in any period of time doesn’t necessarily make it so.

Considering the brain’s heavy workload, does it deserve a daily mental workout and how have you evolved in your thinking over the years.

Stimulate it

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

If everybody succeeded the very first time in everything they attempted, how would the world be different. It would surely be boring if everybody always succeeded the first time. There wouldn’t be much excitement and thrill to experiment and tweak, expressing curiosity as to what went wrong, how can it be fixed, which possible way might yield better results. The brain is designed for stimulation, that’s what it craves. Don’t just give it a workload of handling every major function in your whole body, throw a party for it, let it have fun, give it more life, stimulate it to the max and watch the quality of your life change. Use failures and setbacks as a personal challenges to prove yourself to the universe. Show the universe that you are worthy of your human being status, take failure on the chin and come back even stronger and more determined. If most people in the world are likely to let failure defeat them, re-double your efforts after failure, be different and think differently, gain momentum and enthusiasm from setback. Go where others dare not, think how others dare not, act how others dare not.

Why does society tend to see failure as an end point in life's journey, how can you think differently.

Universal gift

Monday, January 30, 2012

Some say inspiration can’t be taught, that people either have it in them or they don’t have it at all. That may hold a certain degree of truth to it, but can one really make such concrete statements given that most educational systems around the world are completely misguided. If the system is flawed, we surely can’t expect it to inspire much confidence either. If human beings clearly understood the incredible potential inside of them from an early age, things may well turn out very differently. The mere presence of the universe itself ought to be enough to spark people to move mountains, what more miraculous existence could people hope for, perhaps heaven, whatever that could be like, unfortunately nobody’s ever come back to let us all know how it is. It might be wise strategy to consider this Earth the only heaven you are ever going to see, make hay while the universal sun is shining. Instead of focusing on anything you don’t have, why not make use of your universal gift, follow your passion and see where it takes you.

What is your universal gift.

Flex the mind muscle

Thursday, January 26, 2012

There’s a good bet that you have put considerable resources into living a healthy lifestyle through one source or another. As a society, we emphasize the importance of a fit and healthy body, however the mind is often overlooked. The human mind has been responsible for the most miraculous inventions since the beginning of time, so why is it, that society doesn’t take more notice and allocate more attention towards ensuring people exercise their brain effectively. The brain is the hardest working employee known to mankind, it would consider simply overtime as a dream. It doesn’t complain about the enormity of the task it must perform, both automatically and through impulse. Doesn’t it make sense to exercise your most important muscle along with your heart considering the amount of work it must get through 24/7. Perhaps since people can’t look into their brains to see what kind of shape it’s in, they tend to ignore it. For the most part, people haven’t really thought too much about it, no pun intended.

Does the brain deserve daily exercise given its workload.

The pattern of behavior

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

History is sometimes a good indicator or gauge for present or future behavior. When plans have failed to go your way in the past, how do you react. Do you chalk off past failures as bad luck or inopportune timing. Do you have a track record of pushing yourself till you accomplish your goals. Do you just throw in the towel and quit. If you develop a certain mindset to behave a certain way in one activity, it easily carries over into other spheres of influence. This is critical because it could determine the level of personal success you can achieve in your life’s endeavors. It may not be evident in real time as the task at hand may seem somewhat insignificant, however the pattern of behavior invades your mind and allows it to think failure is acceptable as an end point. You must train your mind to translate failure as just an opportunity to gather more information, simply a temporary setback for you to overcome.

How can you model the mindset of success in all your endeavors.


Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Taking time to fully appraise yourself honestly will open up doors towards the life of your dreams. It’s unnecessary to try and be things that you simply may not. You’ve heard of trying to fit a round peg in a square hole. That couldn’t be more meaningful. You may be round representing the universal shape trying to fit in somewhere in a seemingly square world of left brained sequential process living. It’s a left brain dominated world because only a small minority use their imagination. Are you living the life you imagined for yourself using your own imaginative skills or are you simply walking along the footsteps of the world as others see it. Have you contributed anything new to the universe. Do you think that you are capable of contributing something unique to the universe. Do you doubt that you have the talent to birth something new and unique to the world. Look around at what others have done, why not you. Only your own bias prevents you.

What unique contribution can you make to the universe.