Walking to success

Monday, January 23, 2012

Consider if you were born in a different region of the world where cultures are entirely foreign from what you know now. What ways could you imagine your understanding and view of the world would be substantially different. After all, everyone to a certain degree is a product of their environment. Is there something about you that would remain the same no matter what culture you were raised in. You may grow up to hold different positions from where you stand today through differing experiences, however certain principles still apply. You will indeed grow up physically. Parents of all cultures expect all their babies to grow up. As a baby, you noticed others walking around you. You started off crawling at first, then you learned to stand up on your own. Walking was expected of you as part of your existence. You automatically had the courage to keep trying despite how many times you fell. You knew you could do it; you saw people around you doing it. Society expected it of you and you indeed delivered. For some, that’s the only time they keep striving to overcome challenges until success in their entire life. Do you want that for yourself. Make finding your life’s purpose something you reach despite any setbacks.

How can you position living your life's passion as naturally as learning to breathe or walk.

Against all odds.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Take a look around your amazing universe. Marvel at the beauty of nature. Consider your own origin. You started out simply as desire and attraction in your parents’ eyes. Then of course various steps happened and your conception took place. There was a one in 300 million chance you would be born. Somehow you beat those incredible odds to get to where you are now. You already received your life’s lottery ticket, birth, the rest should be much easier for you to figure out, right. Unfortunately, things don’t tend to get easier, it often gets harder for most people. Since only a small minority of people are living life on their own terms, society has failed in general. Something went wrong along the way, that brave embryo who survived those incredible odds graduated into a world where most people reach their graves without ever discovering their true life’s purpose. Do you want to stay on the list of those people who did their best work without even knowing it. You will have plenty of company, that’s for sure. Why not take full control towards the life you have earned to live.

What can you do to cash in on your lottery ticket of life.

Letter to your inner teen.

Wednesday, November 18, 2012

How do you truly determine your purpose in life. We mean your own purpose that stems from within you, not necessarily what your parents, teachers, friends, family members or society bestow upon you. Imagine if you could go back to your teenage years and write a letter to yourself about what you want to do with your life. What would that letter contain considering all the experience you’ve acquired over the years. Do you remember what you naturally had passion for in your youth. Are there activities you still perform now with youthful exuberance. What did growing up to life’s responsibilities cause you to give up. Do you believe you are a unique human being with the power to determine your life’s outcome. Do you feel you have to follow the path paved by others. Is finding true happiness in your life a part of your purpose. Be open and honest with yourself!

what would you do differently if you could re-live some days.

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