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Life's Journey

Are you living life on terms which you dictate? If not, what do you plan to do about it? Do you believe you have the power to change your life? Perhaps you are waiting for others to take action for you. Action like creating a magic pill solution that will make all your dreams come true. That may or may not exist.

Alternate strategies for success

In trying to accomplish your goals in life, effective planning is a must. Furthermore, it’s highly unlikely that there will only be absolutely one route to take. In an unpredictable universe, even the best of plans can go awry. Even if you execute your plan to the best of your capabilities, things can still go wrong.

Adapt and improvise on your road to success

In pursuit of one’s goals in life, planning and execution play a crucial role. However many people make static business plans if they make any at all. In an unpredictable universe, one needs to adapt to the constantly changing business environment. It’s important to consider your original plan as a dynamic plan.

Open an account for yourself

Are you content with your situation in life? Do you have a plan to get to where you desire to be? Absolute accountability to try until you succeed is the best way to set your mind. You can’t control what the universe may or may not throw your way, but you have total control of your actions. Make the first commitment to yourself to be accountable for your life’s destiny.

Time travel

April 12, 2012

Visualize a world where if $ was no issue, what would you be doing with your time. Again where would your natural talents and skills lead you to. Now go ahead and transport yourself back to the Stone Age, what particular trade would you be doing. How would you be earning your keep in that era without technology, formal education etc. Using the right brain to spark your imagination to stir up your creative juices. Getting those flowing is a powerful tool that not enough people take full advantage of. You are a human being with tremendous ability blessed with a powerful right brain, learn to use it to the fullest. Now you have a good idea of how to channel your innate skills towards your desired goals. Reflect on the reasons why you haven’t until now used your passion to lead the way. What circumstances or way of thinking do you think led you in whatever direction you took previously. Was it just the way you were raised? Was it the way you were schooled? Was it the way you were programmed to think? So let’s assume you settled to live your life up to now for whatever factors accounted for it, fear of loss and financial stability or failure usually has a lot to do with it. Now how motivated are you to go the extra mile to get what you really want out of life without settling again. Visualize yourself in 5 years having settled to continue to live life the same way. Picture what your feelings and emotions would look like. Surely, you don’t want that for yourself. Are you ready to do what it takes to succeed on your own terms?

Is it possible that the world today serves to benefit only a small minority and what can you do about it?

Talk Like the Queen

When you say best talk show host ever, which names come to mind I expect the usual suspects, the big three of Carson, Leno and Letterman would head most lists. However if we were to say who’s the best daytime host ever, there can only be one, the woman the world knows by her first name, Oprah. There are some out there who don’t take daytime talk seriously.

Dream Like a King

Not too many people would disagree that 'I have dream speech' was an iconic moment in not just the history of the US, but the world. Following in the same non-violence path like Gandhi took incredible patience and foresight especially at a time when people wanted to fight fire with fire. King was about chartering new courses and not getting pulled down into the trenches.

Follow the Innovator

Steve Job’s prowess didn’t just end at innovating consumer products, he innovated the whole concept of modern day business thinking. He revolutionized three completely separate industries. He was the most valuable leader of our generation and turned his organization into the most valuable in the entire world.

Unleash Your Inner Da Vinci

There’s probably not too many ordinary human beings super heroes would envy, however the great Leonardo da Vinci is one such person. In fact most people on our planet and perhaps a few others we are yet to discover would probably give anything to have a hundredth of the skill Leonardo da Vinci had.

The Eternal Glass of Life

You’ve heard the age old wisdom of half full vs half empty. All self-help and personal improvement sources of course advise you to always be optimistic regardless of what circumstances confront you. As Winston Churchill proclaimed not much good can come from a pessimistic outlook. Understanding that the glass is half full basically means be happy with what you have.