Adapt and improvise on your road to successAdapt and improvise on your road to success

In pursuit of one’s goals in life, planning and execution play a crucial role. However many people make static business plans if they make any at all. In an unpredictable universe, one needs to adapt to the constantly changing business environment. It’s important to consider your original plan as a dynamic plan. If you plan on a totally new venture, then there are simply things you will encounter that you don’t know now exist. Even if you are entering into a relatively straightforward business venture that’s been around for centuries, you should have still been pursuing different ways to do it better or differently than anybody else. It’s fine that things don’t turn out as expected. Having mental fortitude and a clear, composed mind allows you to make quick decisions when necessary.

Adapting in a competitive business environment is important when plans fail to materialize. There’s no time to cry over spilled milk, if one plan fails, quickly assess and think of the alternate plan. That’s why you need to a great deal of preparation and homework up front because we live in a totally unpredictable universe. Bill Gates and Warren Buffet both make business mistakes, so welcome to a very prestigious club. It’s not a case of whether you will meet failure or setback along the way, it’s more a question of how you will react when they do come up. Mistakes are inevitable, just a part of life. The key is learning from your mistakes and applying it to your experience. One mistake is perfectly fine, repeating same mistakes over and over is costly and unnecessary.

Improvisation is key to sustaining business success as well. You will find it rare that you may draw up a play on paper and then execute it perfectly to your goal. More often than not, the real life situations have a way of throwing things into the mix we never anticipated. Why not, if you could anticipate them perfectly, then you ought to be in the fortune telling business. The key is that when things might not work as planned, you don’t get discouraged, give up or complain. That’s the time to refuel your passion even more to find solutions. Don’t allow setbacks to discourage you and rob your valuable spirits and energy. Turn it around, use obstacles as a means to gain more resolve. Remember the story of Thomas Edison, he failed thousands of times before discovering the correct formula he needed. Enjoy the reward of the long journey to success. It comes with deeper satisfaction and meaning when you know you poured your heart and soul into your work.