Alternate strategies for successAlternate strategies for success

In trying to accomplish your goals in life, effective planning is a must. Furthermore, it’s highly unlikely that there will only be absolutely one route to take. In an unpredictable universe, even the best of plans can go awry. Even if you execute your plan to the best of your capabilities, things can still go wrong. That’s just part and parcel of being a human being in an unpredictable universe, there are very little guarantees in this world. Therefore it behooves you to take more time with planning your venture. Strategize and develop secondary and tertiary options should Plan A not go accordingly. You will find that you can vastly improve your initial idea by planning alternate strategies. You will have stimulated new brain connections by focusing on different angles and alternate ways to achieve your goals. It’s remarkable how many options you can develop when you are engaged and full of passion. Ask yourself the tough questions in your planning, then find the best available answers. You need not have every single answer, just a formula or process serving as an ideal platform.

Finding alternate strategies allows you to evaluate your plan from a variety of viewpoints. Too often, some people develop tunnel vision. It’s of course beneficial to have single-minded focus on your objective, however strive to have peripheral vision. Avoid being one-dimensional or even two-dimensional, attempt to be three-dimensional. Get a bird’s eye view on your overall strategy. Sometimes remove yourself completely from the equation, take a break and then come back and evaluate it with a fresh perspective. The planning process needs to be a little grueling, work up some emotion and passion. There are so many great ideas out there in the world that never eventuate. Also there are many great ideas that get started, but ultimately don’t make it all the way to successful sustainment. Of course all the going-out-of-business stats constantly like to remind people of that. The emotion and passion you have behind your venture makes all the difference.

There’s a reason why investors love to get behind passionate entrepreneurs. Passion helps to sustain the motivation and enthusiasm needed to go all the way to the very end. Get those juices flowing in your planning stage, explore all possible angles, seek input from both trusted and untested sources. Do you have it in you to put in the necessary effort in the planning stage never mind when you get to real-time execution. Are you in this for the money or the passion? If your answer is the latter, then you are on the right track, it becomes a question of persistence and sticking with the task till completion. Pursuing your passion will provide you infinite return. Passion will supply you with boundless energy needed to accomplish all your life’s goals.