Dream Like a KingDream Like a King

Not too many people would disagree that 'I have dream speech' was an iconic moment in not just the history of the US, but the world. Following in the same non-violence path like Gandhi took incredible patience and foresight especially at a time when people wanted to fight fire with fire. King was about chartering new courses and not getting pulled down into the trenches. To see the bigger picture of a united world where indeed color of skin took a back seat to personal character. King saw that all humans were interrelated in some way, what affects one group also affects another. King exemplified admirable empathy to see the world through another perspective. He had incredible intuition to understand the deep seeded origins of division. Having a strong sense of vision and thinking differently is a sign of a timeless leader and visionary. Many of Dr. King’s teachings could still apply today especially as tensions of inequality rise. This time around, it’s not racial inequality, but financial inequality. Many people regardless of race and party affiliations feel left out of the American dream. Dr. King had integrity of purpose and shone a positive beacon of light on an imperfect world.

Some have argued because of his personal infidelities that he was perhaps hypocritical. However Dr. King never claimed he was a saint, in fact it was his human qualities that made him that much revered because of his sincerity. Some have even gone as far as to say he was just a re-distributionist socialist. It’s easy for people to throw stones at somebody that takes it upon himself to make a real difference in not just his community, but the entire country if not the world as well. Dr. King took action and demanded that his voice be heard out loud. Many people surely possessed the same ideas that Martin Luther king did, difference is that he took meaningful action putting his life and his family at risk. The courage to put one’s life on the line cannot be understated. How many civil rights activists today would actually do the same. Dr. King helped create a world where people would no longer have to put their life at risk just to be heard. He was remarkable in that he didn’t allow intimidation in the shape of jail time or public threats dissuade him from his journey. He didn’t allow setbacks to weaken his resolve, but gained strength through adversity. The real measure of a man is how he acts under the pressure of the world.

It takes incredible nous to achieve social change by advocating non-violence especially at a time many people thought they had enough reason to call for blood. After the Montgomery Bus Boycott proved successful, Dr. King inspired black activists and students everywhere to get engaged and involved in the civil rights movements. There had been other nonviolence advocating civil rights activists before Dr. king, but they didn’t hold the same widespread appeal and genuine charisma that he had. He mobilized blacks to understand they had economic power to drive change on their own. It’s the sense of empowering people to take initiative to control their own destiny by changing behavior. People actually realized they could choose to only support the companies and establishments that were sympathetic to civil rights and not workplace segregation. Dr. King also encouraged blacks to use the power of the vote to influence not only national politics, but local as well. He had a strong sense of community spirit to help everybody work together towards the common good. Dr. King had the courage to not only dream a better world, but to take action towards making that happen. He should serve as inspiration to anyone that dares to dream no matter what color or national origin.