The Eternal Glass of LifeThe Eternal Glass of Life

You’ve heard the age old wisdom of half full vs half empty. All self-help and personal improvement sources of course advise you to always be optimistic regardless of what circumstances confront you. As Winston Churchill proclaimed not much good can come from a pessimistic outlook. Understanding that the glass is half full basically means be happy with what you have. It could be worse, the glass could be completely empty, then what would you say then. Everybody would love their glasses to be overflowing with metaphoric optimism presumably. That is still possible depending on your mindset. However just learning to accept the glass as half full implies you at least see it contains something already which you can build on. Attitude becomes all important. It’s really about focusing on what you have as opposed to what you don’t have. So many people around the world complain that they don’t have this and they don’t have that, however how about a little acknowledgment and gratitude about what you do have. One could always point out somebody in a much worse situation that would give their right or left arm to exchange places with you. The important point to grasp is that you are a human being, you are truly a magnificent creation, you have total control of your thoughts and your destiny, that should always keep your glass half full.

It should come as no surprise that half full people tend to be happier in their lives than half empty folks. One’s attitude in life really can make all the difference. When you have a half full mindset, it means you leave your mind open for new options and new possibilities. In our incredible universe, an open mind can take you as far as you are willing to go. Can you imagine if any of our great inventors or breakthrough scientists had a pessimistic attitude. It probably would have affected their performance and drive. Pessimism is negative oriented. Negativity robs your body of its valuable energy and power it needs to perform at its optimum. Pessimism means your mind has resigned to an unfavorable outcome already. In essence pessimism closes the mind, it tells it to give up looking for other options and possible solutions. In our expanding universe, there should never be any need to close any doors. Past history will reveal a strong track record of human achievement literally against all odds. It shouldn’t be surprising since life is against all odds. A positive outlook has the power to open up doors to infinite possibilities, however it starts with an open mind. Take action today to open up your opportunities.

Optimism begins at home. It starts with good parenting and should extend into schooling. Learn to be thankful for what you have and not look around and be envious of those who seemingly have more material possessions. Teach the youth that true happiness comes from making full use of what you have and not worrying about that which you don’t possess. It’s important for people to recognize they possess the most important gift of all, the gift of a human mind, last I checked it’s one of the most advanced minds of any species on Earth. It’s good practice to always affirm any negative situation with a positive. There’s always some positive aspect you can take out of even the most negative of circumstances even if it’s only experience. Be content with what you truly have inside of you. The power within you has more potential than you could ever imagine. Learn to harness the power within you to unlock your full potential and make your glass as full as you desire it to be. Take responsibility to control your thoughts and your mindset to always have a positive outlook. You truly are the master of your own glass, don’t let other people or circumstances dictate how full it ought to be. Take action today towards controlling your own destiny in life. Grab a hold of your life’s glass today.