Open an account for yourselfOpen an account for yourself

Are you content with your situation in life? Do you have a plan to get to where you desire to be? Absolute accountability to try until you succeed is the best way to set your mind. You can’t control what the universe may or may not throw your way, but you have total control of your actions. Make the first commitment to yourself to be accountable for your life’s destiny. As a human being, you already beat incredible odds just to be born. Do you have it in you to beat the odds again? Can you aspire to the life that your dreams are made of? The power lies inside of you. Commitment to yourself is something you can’t run away from, you can’t hide from it. You may choose to ignore it, that may work for a while, but if it’s truly meaningful to you, it may haunt you for years to come.

You have limitless power inside you. If you haven’t achieved your life’s desires yet, you haven’t quite harnessed your potential. Any energy wasted on fear or what-ifs works against you. The bottom-line is how far you go in this world depends on you and what rests deep within. Are you going to hold yourself accountable for sustaining your motivation till you reach your goals? When things get tough, are you going to quit or stick with it? Are you going to make excuses when things don’t work out? Excuses may make you feel better, you may be able to convince yourself that you tried your best and gave it your all. However doubts will forever linger in the back of your mind. Making yourself accountable means failure is not an option. You make a contract with yourself to do whatever it takes for however long. Everybody hates to let others down, but what about themselves. Why let yourself down! Surely you deserve to unlock the doors to a fulfilling and happy life.

Make a commitment to yourself and your goals. Accountability is a vital trait for highly successful people. They strive to determine their own future. If things go wrong along the way, they don’t waste valuable time and energy pointing fingers. They front up to the challenge by learning from their mistakes and getting back on track. Be accountable to the universe, you’ve been blessed with amazing powers as a human being. You have witnessed incredible feats achieved by other human beings, so why not you. Don’t you know the universe has blessed you with enough powers to create the life you desire. Perhaps you think something is missing. Precisely, go out and put the pieces of the puzzle together for yourself. Open an account for yourself, be responsible and persistent, success will reward you at the end.