Talk Like the QueenTalk Like the Queen

When you say best talk show host ever, which names come to mind I expect the usual suspects, the big three of Carson, Leno and Letterman would head most lists. However if we were to say who’s the best daytime host ever, there can only be one, the woman the world knows by her first name, Oprah. There are some out there who don’t take daytime talk seriously. In fact there are probably a considerable many men who despise Oprah. Maybe they feel that she influences their wives to spend too much money or perhaps blame her for unleashing Dr. Phil. The latter may be enough reason, just kidding Dr. Phil, keep your hair on or what you got left of it anyhow. But seriously men need not feel threatened in any way by the Queen. Speaking of Queens, why has Oprah not being knighted yet. It just goes to show the absurdity of the world we live in. A woman who’s simply born into royalty gets to bestow honors to somebody who crawled her way out of a place not many have heard of, Kosciusko, Mississippi to become the first woman and first African American on Forbes top 400 list. Such is the irony of life. However don’t even look at Oprah’s financial assets, just ponder what she means to so many people all across the world, she’s given away hundreds of millions to charity and actually got involved at the ground level.

Oprah should be considered among the best talk show hosts of all time regardless of daytime. It’s a shame we have no women on any major network late night TV stations even in the year 2011. The boys network continues to dominate with no signs of letting up anytime soon. I guess it will continue to be men ruling at night and women at day. Rule is exactly what Oprah did. She did it genuinely which is rare indeed. As her power grew, she remained very humble and available. She has single-handedly taken entrepreneurs and authors to amazing new heights. Oprah recommends products from her heart which is refreshing in a world where most celebrities would peddle anything for a quick buck. She loves to give and help people from the bottom of her heart and it shows. She lends her voice to the voiceless. You won’t find any wall street protesters outside her offices. She’s a testament to the more you give, the more you receive. There’s no doubt that some multi-millionaires give to charity with the sole intention of getting a tax break, Oprah on the other hand is on the other end of that spectrum. The quality of giving and helping those in countries through no fault of their own have absolutely no prospects whatsoever should be acknowledged to the fullest. Oprah serves as a true role model, not just for a success story, but a wonderful person at heart. No matter what color, origin or sex, you truly must admire her.

Oprah would still be a billionaire if we determined people’s worth not according to earnings, but heart. Giving from the heart truly gives you more life. Oprah is easily one of the most recognized people in the world, beyond mere celebrity, she is truly influential. The power of influence trumps any celebrity status of any kind. Anybody can become a celebrity overnight these days, the standards drop with each passing day, however to be influential takes real substance. Oprah has that all-important universal element, quintessence, money can’t buy you that. Oprah never hid from her early struggles in life and openly shared her battles with weight with the entire world. She is honest and sincere, those are not the usual adjectives we use for on-air personalities. Whatever stereotypes that may have existed for being African-American and a woman during the 20th century, Oprah was not just a game changer, but a generation changer. She’s earned the right through real life performance and human authority to really be a queen or a Diva if she feels like it.