Unleash Your Inner Da VinciUnleash Your Inner Da Vinci

There’s probably not too many ordinary human beings super heroes would envy, however the great Leonardo da Vinci is one such person. In fact most people on our planet and perhaps a few others we are yet to discover would probably give anything to have a hundredth of the skill Leonardo da Vinci had. However the truth is that every human being can be a genius in their own special way regardless of whatever their circumstances are. The first step to unlocking the genius within you is to first accept that you do have genius within you. If you are not sure whether you have any super powers within you, then you may be right. It becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. You must truly have undoubted self-belief that you were born into this world for a reason, after all your chances of being born were somewhere in the neighborhood of one in 300 million. If you think you merely survived those odds to live an ordinary life, then the choice is yours. You certainly won’t be alone in that choice, in fact you will have a majority of mankind to keep company with. Remember Leonardo was born the same way as you, he didn’t descend down from any heavenly skies. Perhaps he was born with slightly more innate skills than the average human being, whatever average means. The only difference between you and Leonardo was that he took steps to discover what the universe had in store for him and apparently it was quite a great deal.

Leonardo was indeed a human being, that we know for sure, as far as we know nobody saw him walk on water or turn it into wine, however he did accomplish practically everything else. He had blood flowing through his veins like everybody else except his blood pumped like crazy. He was curious about the world and lived to find his own answers to life’s questions. He refused to accept the status quo nor did he allow others to determine his life’s outcome. Ask yourself, have you discovered the true meaning of life for yourself or are you living life according to the rules of others. Are you doing work that you have real passion for? Are you living life to your fullest potential. If not, what do you plan to do about it. Are you going to keep making excuses and let the years keep going by before you decide to take action. Why not follow the example set by Leonardo, who knows you may have more genius inside of you that you could ever dream of. That’s right, you may even surprise yourself. You would be shocked how many people over time have made their dreams come true. They first dared to dream it, then found ways to achieve it. If they can do it, you can too. It takes self-belief and indomitable will power to push yourself through any challenges that get in your way.

Take progressive steps every day to unleash your inner Da Vinci. Leonardo dared not only to ask questions about his own life’s potential, but he took action. As genius as he was, he still made numerous mistakes, another very human quality. However his mistakes he chalked off as experience through experimentation. Leonardo observed the universe for what it was, full of limitless potential. He didn’t wait for other people to provide answers for him, he went out to discover it for himself. It’s important that you learn to think for yourself and challenge conventional wisdom as well as any who seek to pigeon hole you in any way. You are a human being with remarkable super powers, you have a brain with 100,000 miles of blood vessels, the Earth is only 25,000 miles. So in a sense you may have even more potential than the Earth has to offer, you have limitless potential. In addition your brain offers you billions of neurons which could open up infinite possibilities to unlock your inner Da Vinci. Go ahead and find out what the universe truly has in store for you. Best of luck, or better yet, seek to make your own luck to success through hard work and dedication. Remember mistakes are simply feedback and present you with new information or updated coordinates to try alternate avenues to your desired destination.