No degrees of separation No degrees of separation

Monday, February 25, 2013

What does it mean to fulfill one’s potential? Is that really possible? What is your potential.? How can you measure it? The human potential is infinite. The universe granted you powers to accomplish as much as you are willing to push yourself. If you ever fall short on an enterprise, you can’t simply say it was due to a lack of talent. You can substitute talent for hard work, dedication and application. Accountability is taking full responsibility of how you wish to live your life. Sure you may have to overcome challenges that other people may never even contemplate let alone overcome. It’s a badge of honor to reach your goals despite of seemingly insurmountable obstacles in your way. Those that have it easy are denied the opportunity to experience that sense of true accomplishment in life. Your mind becomes stronger when you hold it accountable. When you fall short of a goal, own up to it, don’t seek excuses.

Who’s fault is it should you fall short of any goals, your parents, society, the govt or you?